• Breakthrough in EOX (PCB) Analysis

Environmental Laboratory

Breakthrough in EOX (PCB) Analysis

Jul 18 2016

Fast and Accurate analysis of Extractable Organic Halogens and especially the PCB’s (Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls) problematic? Discover the TE Instruments (the Netherlands) Xplorer Series’ Hybrid Introduction Module. The challenge of measuring PCB’s accurate and efficient is over!

TE Instruments presents a new liquids introduction module to introduce EOX samples, the Hybrid Introduction Module. The direct vertical injection into the liquids module completely eliminates the requirement for a boat analysis together with its long analysis time. Better controlled injections and larger injection volumes provide a higher accuracy, a lower detection limit and superior analysis time. The design of the Hybrid liquids introduction module ensure optimal combustion of PCB samples with high boiling components.

Each TE Instruments XPLORER has a standard built-in semi-automatic syringe drive, which offers full control over the injection rate and sample volume. For high demanding laboratories, TE Instruments provides the module as a fully automatic configuration together with the ARCHIE liquids auto sampler. The strong combination between introduction module and auto sampler saves time and reduces errors. Changing from semi-automatic to fully automatic injection in a later stage is done in a matter of minutes, no adjustments need to be made.   

For more information, contact us at info@teinstruments.com or contact your local TE Instruments representative.



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