• Is Your Hand-Held Air Mercury Analyzer Accurate and Reproducible?

Environmental Laboratory

Is Your Hand-Held Air Mercury Analyzer Accurate and Reproducible?

Aug 01 2022

Given their small size, industrial hand-held mercury hygiene monitors do not have the space or power required for a robust internal calibration source or other simple and fast accuracy assessment capability.

With the introduction of the Tekran JITRbug, accuracy and performance of hand-held air mercury monitors can be accomplished in a simple five-minute test just prior to daily use. Supervisors and industrial hygiene managers are now able to routinely document accuracy and performance, making certain workers are fully protected from toxic levels of mercury in air.

The JITRbug is a simple-to-operate continuous source of a precisely-controlled mercury test gas of known concentration, traceable to a NIST standard. The mercury source flow and dilution air flow are precisely controlled by dual MFC’s, enabling the system to quickly switch between output Hg concentrations of 30 µg/m3, 50 µg/m3, and 100 µg/m3 (others optional).

Key Features:

• Turn-key system with quick setup time and NIST traceable Hg gas source 
• Simple operation with touch-screen controller – advanced features password protected
• Rapid switching between output concentrations
• Dual front panel test ports for Hg test gas and scrubber exhaust 
• Easily adjustable to user-specified STP reporting conditions
• Separate rotameter to assess hand-held instrument flow accuracy
• Optional shipping and carrying case for portability

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