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Jun 29 2009

REMTECH is a company with offices in France and the U.S.A. which manufactures and maintains the REMTECH DOPPLER SODAR, the R.A.S.S. (Radio Acoustic Sounding System) and the DOPPLER SONAR.
The DOPPLER SODAR systems measure remotely a vertical profile of wind speed, direction, thermal stratification and turbulence parameters (sigma W, sigma Theta) up to 5,000 meters or more above ground.
They are ideally suited for airport safety (wind shear detection), wind energy site assessment, for air pollution control and forecast, site surveys (power plants) and study of telecommunication network disturbances due to atmospheric conditions.
Meteorological and aeronautical services are interested in the SODARS for the detection of windshear at airports, and military organizations are, or will be, using the SODAR in programs for weapons development, parachuting, landing on aircraft carriers as well as flight tests in general.
The R.A.S.S. (Radio Acoustic Sounding System) remotely measures temperature profiles in the atmosphere with resolution to 0.2° Celsius. It can be used in environmental studies for temperature gradients, and for monitoring how the propagation of radio waves is modified by atmospheric conditions. It comes as an option to all our sodars and can provide measurements up to 1,500 meters above ground.
Recently REMTECH introduced an advanced DOPPLER SONAR system for measuring under water currents to 1000 meters.  This instrument takes advantage of all the research acquired from the Phased Array Doppler Sodar development.

The Remtech PA0 is the smallest, lightest, most precise SODAR system available. It comprises just two interconnected small modules, each weighing less than 30 pounds and its nominal range reaches 700 meters (1,200 m with all Sodar measuring capability software enhancements)
The PA0 requires no external enclosure while others need large and heavy enclosures or bunkers. This evidences REMTECH superior antenna design and ground clutter signal processing.
The PA0 uses Remtech’s unique, efficient multi-frequency processing technique resulting in outstanding measurement precision with no requirement for further editing. This is contrary to other systems which require editing of “outliers”. No further editing has been a Remtech basic feature over the past 25 years, making our SODARS the prime choice for such demanding real time applications as nuclear sites monitoring.
The PA0 needs only one DC Voltage (12Volts) and draws only 25 W and therefore can be made fully autonomous via optional batteries and solar array.
Running under Linux using a Dell Notebook, the PA0 is therefore easy to operate remotely using the internet, cellular service or conventional phone lines.
In addition to basic atmospheric data (wind speed and direction) the PA0 can optionally deliver high quality turbulence data.
More than 100 PA0 systems have been already delivered out of a total Remtech SODAR production of over 400 Sodar systems. The PA0 is now produced by quantities of 20 systems allowing for a short delivery time and competitive pricing. Its portability increases the total amount of collected data at different places and makes it even more cost effective.

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