• The Filtering Genius for Automatic Sample Preparation at the Highest Level

Environmental Laboratory

The Filtering Genius for Automatic Sample Preparation at the Highest Level

Jan 01 2000

Fully automatic homogenisation and filtration in a single run with the 815 Robotic Filtration Soliprep from Metrohm. This compact and economic automation system makes your daily routine work easier.
The success of analytical methods and the reliability of the results critically depend on proper sample preparation. For example, matrix effects can interfere with chromatographic or photometric determinations.
Today the 815 Robotic Filtration Soliprep carries out this tedious work for you – fully automatically and directly after homogenisation. Thanks to the Dosino incorporated in your 815 Robotic Filtration Soliprep, the
sample solution is fed to the syringe filter at constant pressure. Your Robotic Soliprep works with 100% reproducibility: sample after sample is filtered under exactly the same conditions.
The 815 Robotic Filtration Soliprep is a members of a new sample changer family which is primarily intended for sample preparation of solid samples in ion analysis, e.g. in the fields of ion chromatography, HPLC or voltammetry but, thanks to their flexibility, they can also be used for titrimetric or direct measurement
applications without any problems.
The 815 Robotic Filtration Soliprep can reliably master even high sample throughputs. The instruments are extremely robust and have been tested under extreme conditions. To underline the outstanding quality of these sample changers we grant a 3-year warranty.

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