• Helapet Launches New Inline Disc Filter Design Tool

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Helapet Launches New Inline Disc Filter Design Tool

Apr 13 2021

Helapet Ltd are delighted to launch our new online disc filter design tool, designed to enhance user experience and give clients more control in creating custom-made inline disc filters that fit their own individual specifications.

You design, we create!

The simple-to-use slide navigation takes the user on a journey through each stage of the filter design process, enabling them to select key filter elements and combine them to create the final product.

Illustrating our full-service potential, each step of the filter design process is supported by detailed information, supporting our online visitors in choosing from a wide variety of components and added features. Once completed the client can  simply submit an enquiry for their chosen design, which we can accurately quote and manufacture for them. This creates an enjoyable, easier, faster and smoother introduction to working with Helapet, supported by ongoing close consultation with our filter experts to ensure every customer receives the perfect filter, first time.

With over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing quality, custom-made, inline disc filters, Helapet knows all too well that ‘one size fits all’ does not apply when catering for a diverse range of filtration requirements across a variety of industries. Each filter’s composition differs depending on several factors surrounding the filter’s use and application. In developing this new design tool, Helapet allows the customer to take control and choose the right combination of features from the comprehensive selection Helapet has available:

‘Our new interactive design tool seeks to provide an enhanced online experience for our inline disc filter client, granting them a quick, seamless and stress-free method of designing their ideal filtration solution, right from the start. We would like to invite interested visitors to try out our new design tool for themselves and see the benefits of working with Helapet as their filtration partner. ‘
TONY PHELPS– Sales & Marketing Manager, HELAPET

Details of Helapet filters and our new online design tool can be found here. We encourage you give it a try, or download our latest brochure for further information.

About Us

Helapet Ltd are a reputable manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical and cleanroom consumables, serving several core markets including pharmacy aseptic production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory, industrial and veterinary environments for over 30 years.

Helapet delivers a diverse and innovative range of sterile and non-sterile products, supporting critical environment activities across all areas of aseptic manufacturing and healthcare provision.

Helapet are proud to serve an ever-increasing number of industries in the UK and globally. We use our experience and customer relationships to understand ever changing market demands, producing suitable product solutions in accordance with our client expectations:

Helapet offer unrivalled quality in the design and manufacture of our inline disc filters, both as off-the-shelf products or custom-made specials. We supply filters for OEM and end-user applications in a wide range of markets including pharmaceutical, environmental monitoring, print, food and drink and electronics. Helapet strive to introduce added value to our filtration products, using consultancy based manufacturing and comprehensive testing to meet customer expectations.

We have four main areas of business:

  • Custom Inline Disc Filters
  • Medical and Cleanroom Consumables
  • Contract Cleanroom Packaging and Liquid Filling
  • Cold Chain Solutions

All these areas are supported by our market leading customer service, providing exceptional one-to-one consultancy, advice and technical support.

Click here to view our Vision, Mission and Values statement.

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