• Raising the Standard With New Lab TOC Analyser

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Raising the Standard With New Lab TOC Analyser

May 02 2015

Hach Lange (Germany) is announcing the release of the new QbD1200 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer. The QbD1200 boasts a time saving 90-minute, fully automated calibration, a 10.4 inch colour touch screen user interface, and a process that nearly eliminates sample-to-sample carryover.

The QbD1200 features a unique implementation of the UV/persulfate oxidation method that combines acid and oxidiser into a single reagent (patent pending). This single reagent can be purchased as a concentrated stock solution or prepared by the user following the simple recipe provided. This oxidation chemistry combined with a next generation digital NDIR detector, featuring a highly stable semiconductor IR light source and automatic baseline correction, results in extraordinary measurement reproducibility. Careful attention to the plumbing and flushing of this wet chemistry has virtually eliminated sample-to-sampler carryover, eliminating the need to discard the first measurement in a series of replicates.

“The QbD1200 represents a new standard for analytical performance, simplicity, and cost of ownership for laboratory TOC analysers,” said Howie Carpenter, Business Unit Manager for TOC.  “We have also designed fast and convenient validation and qualification procedures for the QbD1200. A full 18-point calibration with 6 concentrations and 3 replicates each takes only 90 minutes and is fully automated.”

Dynamic Endpoint Detection algorithms are employed to ensure that all inorganic carbon is removed prior to oxidation of organic species, and complete oxidation of organic species is achieved. No additional inorganic carbon removal module is required. 

A large (10.4 inch) color touch screen on the QbD1200 provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform all common operations. No external PC is required. The QbD1200 is offered with a robust auto sampler capable of holding up to 64 standard 40mL glass sample vials with additional standard bays for qualification tests.  

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