• LumaSense Celebrates 10th Anniversary and 57+ Years in the Sensing Industry

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LumaSense Celebrates 10th Anniversary and 57+ Years in the Sensing Industry

Oct 02 2015

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. (USA) officially celebrated its 10th anniversary in August, but its legacy in the sensing industry dates back to 1958 with the founding of Impac Infrared, which LumaSense acquired in 2007.

"We’re a young company with extensive experience in the sensing industry," said LumaSense CEO, Steve Abely.

Through a series of strategic acquisitions starting in 2005, LumaSense set out to build a world-class temperature and gas sensing company to help energy and industrial companies improve the efficiency and safety of their operations. Since its founding ten years ago, LumaSense Technologies has evolved into a leading producer of infrared imagers, thermometers, and gas analysers. With global headquarters in Santa Clara, California and factories in the US and Europe, LumaSense continues to supply a growing and diverse customer base spanning more than 85 countries.

LumaSense started to build its temperature and gas sensing portfolio with the Luxtron Corporation in 2005. Luxtron, founded in 1978, provided fiber optic sensing probes and systems that are commonly found in electrical transformers used to propel energy through the grid.

Innova was also founded in 1978 and became LumaSense’s line of photoacoustic gas analysers in 2006. These instruments are used in a variety of research and industry applications.

In 2007, LumaSense acquired Andros, Mikron, and Impac. Andros, founded in 1969, uses non-dispersive infrared gas detection technology for a variety of automotive, medical, and utility applications. Mikron, also founded in 1969, brought LumaSense’s well-established line of thermal imagers and blackbody calibration sources, which have long been the industry gold standard. Impac, founded in 1958, is a pioneer in infrared thermometry (pyrometers). Known for their precision and durability, Impac pyrometers are a favorite among manufacturers handling molten metals or glass.

By leveraging its technologies and engaging in rigorous research and development, LumaSense provides a string of solutions for a variety of leading industries. For example, LumaSense fiber optic probes and systems help utilities transmit electricity safely and reliably. Its pyrometers help to improve the crystal growth processes common in making semiconductors, LED’s, and glass for smart devices. LumaSense’s solutions are also common in the oil & gas, petrochemical, metals, glass, automotive, and medical industries.

"10 years on a foundation that spans over 50 years gives us the depth and breadth of experience to really improve operating efficiency for our customers," said VP of Sales, Marketing & Service, Ron Sutton. "And, as many of those customers are major global players, our solutions often have a global impact," continued Sutton.

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