• Precise, cost-effective and stable urban air monitoring technology

Air Monitoring

Precise, cost-effective and stable urban air monitoring technology

Feb 20 2024

A continuous ambient air quality monitoring system (CAAQMS) will monitor the air quality of a city on a real-time basis. It will continuously measure air pollutants throughout the year in a consistent manner. The air pollutants measured are as follows: SO2, NO, NO2, NH3, CO, O3, CO3, VOC, PM10, and PM2.5. Then again, CAAQMS is the high-level variant of the AAQMS air quality monitor system. It utilises very high-quality innovations like the Internet of Things for computerised information assortment and its exchange and investigation at the focal server. The information moved to the waiter progressively, and its stretch is flexible between 2 and 30 minutes. In the middle, the information is naturally investigated with cutting-edge computer-based intelligence and chronicled or utilised likewise.

Vasthi Engineers Pvt Ltd provide a highly sophisticated range of CAAQMS analysers. Their Vair-9009 is a precise and dependable instrument for measuring particulate matter in air (PM10) – this low maintenance device provides accuracy of ±1% for <100 µg/m3 ±2% for <500 µg/m3 ±5% for <1000µg/m ±10%for<10000µg/m3, with excellent repeatability of <±3%. It can operate in temperatures ranging from 0 - 40°C and humidity of 0 – 90%.

Vasthi Engineers’ Million Plus Cities Urban Air Quality analyser offers speed and precision for analysing levels of SO2, NO2, Ozone, CO, benzene, particulates to PM10 and PM2.5 to a resolution of 1 ppm. This rugged and reliable device is the ideal tool for understanding air pollution levels in urban conglomerations and can be solar powered, with 4 hours back-up battery life if necessary.

For those requiring measurements of specific parameters, the Vair-9001 measures sulphur dioxide (SO2) in ambient air providing operators with a precision within 1% of the reading, or 1 ppb and operating in temperature ranging from 5 - 40°C, this highly advanced analyser operates by utilising ultraviolet fluorescence technology (UVF). The Vair-9002 measures ozone (O3) in ambient air using UV photometry; it provides end users with a highly precise analyser (0.5% of reading or 1ppb) in operating temperatures of 5 - 40°C. The Vair-9003 precisely measure carbon monoxide (CO) levels in air (1% of reading or 0.1 ppm) also in temperatures ranging from 5 - 40°C using non-dispersive infrared analysis (GFC NDIR). All these instruments provide rest-assured accuracy and dependability and have achieved certification from various international agencies including the USEPA.

The Viar 3000 Series Particulate Monitor measures airborne particulates to PM10 or PM2.5 or TSP. Operating at an extensive temperature range of  -20 - +55°C it offers a measuring range of 0-5mg/m3 to 30mg/m3 using laser scattering measurement technology.

Vasthi Engineers also offer an ultrasonic weather monitoring station to enable end users to factor in meteorological factors when appraising urban air quality. With a wind speed range of 0.5 to 99.5 knots (1 to 185 kph) and resolution of 0.1 knot (0.19 kph) – this device provides the crucial weather data necessary to comprehend the levels of airborne pollutants.

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