• A unique ‘fingerprint’ approach to industrial gas analysis

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A unique ‘fingerprint’ approach to industrial gas analysis

May 19 2023

Tunable AS showcased its cutting-edge gas fingerprint recognition technology at this year’s Sensor + Test event in Germany. This unique approach to gas analysis involves more than just measuring a gas’ concentration; it can detect complex and unknown mixtures of gases and odours by the use of powerful algorithms to understand patterns and relationships within the data accumulated. This ground-breaking approach gives the operator unparalleled insights into the make-up of the gases and odours analysed – resembling how our own sense of smell works. This technology is an exciting breakthrough for gas analysis applications such as air quality monitoring and process optimisation.

In addition to the gas fingerprint recognition technology, Tunable displayed their gas analysis instrument, T2500 CEMS Analyser, which is ideal for the maritime industry as it detects and quantifies all relevant greenhouse gases; it is insensitive to vibrations and has practically no operating expenses. This compact and stable process emission gas analyser operates with infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy to provide precise analysis of CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2 and CH4. It requires no consumables, such as carrier or calibration gases – the sample gas is analysed directly as it flows through the analyser’s optical path. This robust instrument features an ultra-stable solid-state IR source which has proven its longevity with years of successful operation on offshore facilities – it requires no replacement for the lifetime of the instrument. Detaching the sample cell is easy and enables simple cleaning and maintenance – the instrument incorporates service indicators within the digital data stream to aid operators in planning maintenance schedules.

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