• New methane airborne detection solution provides oil and gas industry with reliable pollution monitoring data

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New methane airborne detection solution provides oil and gas industry with reliable pollution monitoring data

Feb 19 2024

The oil and gas sector is under more and more pressure to curb methane emissions significantly to an effort to slow down global warming. Methane has eighty times more warming power than carbon dioxide over the first twenty years after it reaches the planet’s atmosphere and it is crucial to monitor and reduce methane emissions in the short term. The USEPA recently proposed that oil and gas operators should be allowed to survey their facilities using some of the latest technology, such as aerial screening for methane leaks, such as the Hyper-Cam Mini from Telops.

Having collaborated with several highly reputable aerial inspection companies, Telops now offers a highly reliable methane airborne detection system built around the latest version of its cutting-edge infrared hyperspectral imager. The Hyper-Cam Mini provides high-precision methane sensitivity in a wide range of climactic conditions, including snow and rainfall, day or night.

Single-blind tests have indicated that Telops Hyper-Cam Mini provides a detection sensitivity of 3,6 kg/hr with a 93% probability of detection (PoD); which reaches 98% for leak rates above 13 kg/h. This system adapts operational parameters automatically to flight conditions thereby ensuring 100% coverage over an extended area of an asset or pipeline corridor. Methane emissions are reported in real-time enabling end-users to take urgent and fast action when necessary. After the flight, complete inspection statistics, including the flight path displaying inspected areas, geolocalised infrared, and high-resolution visible imagery are provided as well as the final list of positive detections quantified in leak rate. These clear and actionable reports enable users to locate the source of every leak, take the requisite actions and plan maintenance strategies.

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