• Specialist air monitoring technology tailored for every need

Air Monitoring

Specialist air monitoring technology tailored for every need

Nov 20 2018

TCR Tecora® is one of Europe’s leading companies in the production and sales of sampling systems for industrial emissions, outdoor and indoor air quality and occupational health.

TCR Tecora’s® specialise in the production of volumetric meters/pumps for pollutant control of emissions from stationary sources. They also manufacture world class, gravimetric isokinetic samplers for the determination of particulate matter, a vital component when monitoring micropollutants or, more specifically dioxins (eg: PCDD / F and PCBs dioxin ) with a DECS® long-term sampler (Dioxin Emission Continuous Sampling) to be compliant with the technical standards of the sector.

The TCR Tecora® development and production departments are able to customise their systems to meet the specific needs of a wide range of clients ranging from regional environmental protection agencies, laboratories, consultants, research centres in industry sectors such as cement, refineries, steelworks and the metallurgical industries. They can offer sampling probes for standard types of pollutants or individual, tailor-made solutions (heated probes for gas sampling at emission).

Outdoor ambient air monitoring is another of TCR Tecora® areas of expertise. This has been highlighted by the development and production of their ECHO PM atmospheric particulate samplers, as well as the Skypost PM sequential stations for particulates and the ECHO HiVol high volume samplers for micro-pollutants.

TCR Tecora® supply their customers instrumentation in accordance with international standards, designed to simplify the operation of the stack tester and at the same time improving the accuracy and reliability of the measurements taken.

TCR Tecora® has an active role in the CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) Working Groups with the aim of improving European and Internationals Air Quality Standards. They are headquartered near Milan with a wide sales networking throughout Europe and overseas. Their 40 highly trained and specialised distributors allow them to offer the same high standard of product, service and assistance on a local and international basis.

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