• Rain and precipitation measurement made easy, wherever and whenever its needed

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Rain and precipitation measurement made easy, wherever and whenever its needed

Jul 10 2020

The RHD sensor from Sommer is a competitively priced, high precision, ultra-robust rain gauge instrument. It is a very low-power, maintenance-free and totally sealed acoustic instrument with no mobile parts. The sensing part of the instrument is a polished stainless-steel hemisphere supported by a strong stainless-steel arm.

Impact of raindrops or hailstones induces change in internal acoustic pressure. In addition to the rain intensity data, the distrometer function also provides information about the drop size distribution. If you need a solution for remote or tough to access areas and you do not have the manpower for regular checking/maintenance of your rain gauge then this is the perfect choice of sensor. It is also available as a “plug and play” station which includes data storage, data processing installation tools and enough power solution to be an autonomous station.

The instrument includes a dedicated analogue conditioning module, a digital I/O module and an analogue restitution module. It can therefore be connected to, or communicate conveniently with, almost any external analogue or digital central unit (data logger, industrial module interface, instrumentation DAQ, USB port). It features continuous or pulse analogue voltage outputs and supports SDI-12 communication, serial RS-232, and Modbus RTU RS485 (using an optional adapter).

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