• Precision and dependability in air monitoring technology built around the needs of the individual

Air Monitoring

Precision and dependability in air monitoring technology built around the needs of the individual

Sep 11 2023

SK Elektronik is a family business located in Leverkusen, Germany, now in its second generation, that has become a world leader in producing high-quality analytical technology for environmental monitoring applications. The company was founded over 35 years ago and has built its reputation on providing world-class technology backed up by experts in the field of emission monitoring solutions tailored to their customers’ specific requirements. Over the last 3 decades, SK Elektronik has built a company around an array of specialist skills in electronics, physics, chemistry, mechanics and software development to create not just some of the finest environmental monitoring technology available to the global market, but also a team dedicated to ensuring that their clientele has technology they can truly depend on, backed up by second-to-none customer service. When Siegfried Kuhn first opened the doors to SK Elektronik, he had far more than just a company that provided excellent monitoring technology instrumentation in mind, he wanted to create an organisation that also developed the talents of the company’s employees so they would finely tune their array of skills to benefit to themselves, the company and, most importantly, their customers. This philosophy has enabled the company to become one of the most reputable in the field of environmental monitoring technology.

The company is meticulous in ensuring that its customers receive a precise and reliable instrument. The products are developed under the criteria of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance, tested to the standards set by CE, VDE and EMC – with the manufacturing process adapted to the needs of each customer’s requirements. SK Elektronik’s electronic components are assembled at their competence centre in Erfurt, both automatic and manual assembling is possible, depending on the individual requirements of the specific product.

SK Elektronik, manufactures the highly acclaimed Universal Platform for Analytical Systems (UPAS) – an analytical platform that enables operators to seamlessly integrate multiple analytical solutions tailored to their specific air monitoring requirements.

UPAS is a highly versatile platform that has been developed to adapt to the end user's specific criteria, providing an unsurpassed level of customisation. Its intuitive graphical user interface allows users to tailor the system to their requirements. Whether integrating UPAS into their own systems, or using instruments from SK Elektronik's analytical portfolio, such as their FID range, users have the flexibility to create an analytical set-up that suits their needs perfectly.

A standout feature of UPAS is its recently updated digital pressure control, which provides improved accuracy and long-term stability in air measurement tasks. The integrated dilution probe and flame trap within the detector enhance the platform's safety and efficiency. Furthermore, UPAS boasts its own heated line, extending up to 40 meters, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements even in challenging, industrial environments. With an IP65-rated heated sampling system and the provision of zero gas and burner air through an active charcoal filter and thermal catalyst, UPAS surpasses industry standards for reliability and performance.

SK Elektronik's commitment to innovation is plain to see with UPAS' double-detector system, which enables continuous measurement of CH4 and total hydrocarbons. All UPAS models effectively compensate for oxygen interference on measurements, to further improve the accuracy of the measurement results. The gas distribution block operates autonomously, reducing dependence on the overall system and enhancing operational efficiency.

SK Elektronik’s service team is available for technical questions and repair processes, both in-house and on-site. Furthermore, they offer tailored product training classes on a wide variety of topics which can be organised according to their customers’ individual needs.

With 30 years of electronic engineering, circuit design and layout, construction and software development experience, SK Elektronik not only manufactures their own product lines, they can also cater to specific customer requirements. They are always happy to partner organisations with new ideas and projects.

Alongside UPAS, SK Elektronik will also showcase the Thermo FID, a highly versatile range of instruments ubiquitous to a wide variety of industries for environmental and plant monitoring, research and development, leakage control, exhaust emission control and methane-free measurements. The Thermo FID's electronic system offers many superb functions, including menu-driven operation, fully automatic self-control and operation and failure analysis. The alphanumeric display provides clear instructions for easy maintenance, while the process-controlled and dynamic amplifier analysis ensures optimal performance. By digitising signals directly at the detector, the Thermo FID eliminates distortion caused by poorly shielded or overlength signal routes, guaranteeing precise data analysis.

With their cutting-edge UPAS, SK Elektronik has raised the bar for analytical platforms in air measurement. The platform's versatile features, adaptability, and dedication to precision have made it the perfect solution for many organisations’ air monitoring needs. SK Elektronik's Thermo FID range complements UPAS, while offering versatile and precise instruments for a range of applications. As the industry evolves, SK Elektronik continues to provide world-class technology and unparalleled customer support, solidifying its position as an industry leader in analytical systems.

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