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Jan 01 2000

Pranalytica (USA) announces the availability of trace gas sensors for the detection of acrolein (C3H4O; CAS Number: 107028). The Chemilux™Acrolein sensor uses Pranalytica’s proprietary and patented tunable laser based ONose™ technology to provide subppb (1 ppb of acrolein corresponds to 2.31 Ìg/m3) detection sensitivity for the toxic gas in a measurement time of less than one minute. The ONose™ technology assures minimal interference from many other gaseous components found in urban atmosphere thus provides a very low false positive detection capability.

Acrolein is used primarily as an intermediate in the manufacture of acrylic acid and is also used directly as an aquatic herbicide and algaecide in irrigation canals. It is found in gaseous form in the products of combustion of tobacco, cooking oils, fossil fuels and gasoline. It is produced during fires and is a toxicant to firefighters. Urban acrolein levels as high as 20 ÃŒg/m3 (-9 ppb) have been reported. Acrolein levels in inside air, especially if tobacco smoking is permitted, can be even higher.

Human odor threshold for acrolein is 370 Ìg/m3. NIOSH recommended exposure limit (810 hour timeweighted average exposure) for acrolein is 250 Ìg/m3 (i.e., 108 ppb). Pranalytica’s Chemilux™Acrolein sensor can provide more than adequate level of margin for assuring human safety in work as well as urban environments.

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