• The first portable “all-in-one” microgaschromatograph

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The first portable “all-in-one” microgaschromatograph

Feb 15 2010

Pollution S.r.l. Italy (www.pollution.it) is proud to present his revolutionary microGC. The goal was to obtain a real user friendly, portable and versatile instrument. VEGA-GC microgaschromatograph has been designed both for “on-field” activities in complete autonomy and for continuous “on-site” monitoring. The instrument is based on two changeable analytical modules including a μ-injector, a GC-column and a TCD μ-detector which allow to detect a large number of gas substances. The miniaturization enables quick analysis and high sampling frequencies.

The VEGA-GC in portable configuration is able to carry out analysis on site in complete autonomy since it has:
- Rechargeable and “hot-changing” batteries;
- Disposable Carrier gas cylinder;
- Computer with touch-screen control and “MC-PLAN” (management software) build-in.

The software “MC-PLAN”, hearth of the system, combines a simple and intuitive interface (thanks to the colour LCD touch-screen integrated on the instrument) and extreme flexibility.
It allows personalisation of every monitoring aspects, from the measured substances to the surveys at regular intervals, from the alarm thresholds to the communication modality.
The connection with several optional accessories expands the capabilities of Vega-GC. A useful working condition is coupling the microGC with “VEGA-MPS” (multipoint sampler) that effectively allows to monitor changes over time in different sampling points.
VEGA-GC system, properly configured, is also used as a "fixed location" for continuous long-term monitoring. VEGA-GC can be controlled remotely via LAN or with GPRS/UMTS modem allowing checks and/or data downloading, making human presence no longer needed on-site. The Vega-GC can send e-mail or text messages to mobile phone to a list of users constantly informed about any limit values overflow or malfunctions.
The VEGA-GC, thanks to the supplied software and GC technology, is therefore capable to separate, identify and quantify in easy way a wide range of analytical dispersed species (BTEX, mercaptans, anesthetic gases, permanent gases, etc.)

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