• Continuous Emission and Industrial Process Monitoring

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Continuous Emission and Industrial Process Monitoring

May 16 2008

JCT Analysentechnik GmbH (Austria) produces and provides gas conditioning components as well as gas analysis and FT-IR CEM
systems for continuous emission and industrial process monitoring.
The key of a reliable monitoring solution is a good sample gas conditioning.
Their manifold product range includes heated gas sampling probe, heated hoses, gas coolers, NOx converters, pumps, filters and fittings which are available in different models and materials to meet the
customer’s demands.
The heated gas sample probe JES300 is designed for continuous use with extractive sampling systems even where the sample contains dust, aerosols, water vapour and corrosive gases.
Their customized heated hoses are produced to keep the sample gas above the dew-point and lead the gas to the gas coolers or gas conditioners.
Their JCT gas coolers and their gas conditioners are designed to lower the sample dew-point and separate water vapour from humid sample streams in gas analysis systems.
The JNOX Series is designed to convert NO2 to NO for extractive flue gas analysis systems where total NOx concentrations are measured with an NO-NDIR analyser.
Additionally JCT offers a wide variety of accessories which are typically used in the analyzing technology. The gas wetted parts of our pumps, filters and fittings are made of corrosion resistant materials.
The JCT product range also includes a multitude of gas analyzers, FID analysers, H2 and N2 gas generators. The JCT turnkey system solutions like our CEMS or our MGS300 are used for the continuous emission and process monitoring.

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