• The latest in air quality and PID sensor technology to be showcased at AQE 2022 in Telford

Air Monitoring

The latest in air quality and PID sensor technology to be showcased at AQE 2022 in Telford

Sep 14 2022

ION Science will be exhibiting at the Air Quality and Emissions Event (AQE) which will take place on the 12th and 13th October 2022 in Telford, UK,  

ION Science’s MiniPID sensors are hugely popular across the globe because of their unsurpassed sensitivity, reliability, and precision in VOC detection. 

Returning to this year’s AQE on stand L0, ION Science will exhibit their range of PID sensors and components; this will include their three sensors that are most suited to air quality monitoring. Their MiniPID 2 PPB Sensor is optimised to low-end ppb sensitivity; it provides a wide dynamic range and is ideal for measuring indoor and outdoor air quality in a wide range of environments. ION Science’s MiniPID 2 HS Sensor provides the highest level of sensitivity of any VOC sensor on the market. The MiniPID 2 was designed for high sensitivity applications, and provides sub ppb measurement. The MiniPID 2 10.0 eV sensor is the perfect choice for spaces that need selective measurement of highly toxic VOCs, for example: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX).

ION Science have developed PID technology that is the perfect choice for air quality and emissions monitoring. The R&D team at ION Science has always strived successfully to keep ahead of the field by producing market leading sensor technology. All the MiniPID range includes patented fence electrode technology to eliminate false positives. The fence electrode protects the sensing electrodes against short circuits; false negatives are also kept to a minimum thanks to effective moisture filtration and advanced electrode geometry. 

ION Science utilise an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for monitoring sensor performance; it also provides unparalleled temperature stability. The ASIC carries out crucial diagnostic tasks that indicate if the lamp is out, or if the ionisation chamber is compromised. This enables operators to know if the sensor has been compromised thus avoiding exposure to hazardous gases. ION Science’s provide the world’s only fail-safe PIDs.

ION Science’s PID instruments are built around the ionising source: the lamp, which contributes considerably to these sensors’ longer lifetime, enhanced sensitivity and photon energy. ION Science manufacture the lamps in house, having invested decades of effort into devising the highest quality of lamp available to the air monitoring sector. 

Combining MiniPID sensors with gas sensing technology has proven to be an extremely effective way of monitoring air quality and emissions to protect people and their working environment. 

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