• CEM emissions monitoring event introduced to the Middle East

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CEM emissions monitoring event introduced to the Middle East

Sep 13 2023

With 25 years’ experience our acclaimed series of events in Europe, CEM 2025 is poised to address the urgent needs and challenges of emissions monitoring in the Middle East and surrounding regions. The highly anticipated conference and exhibition on emissions monitoring, CEM Middle East is set to be hosted in Bahrain from 8th to 10th April 2025 at the Gulf Hotel and Convention Centre in Manama.  

The Middle East is currently grappling with complex environmental and public health challenges, many of which stem from industrial emissions. Dominated by the oil and gas sector, the region must contend not only with significant greenhouse gas emissions, but sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during refining, extraction and distribution, with the region’s dependence on these fuels for power generation increasing the concentration of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter in the air. Moreover, a recent surge in construction and manufacturing has contributed to spikes in polluting cement dust, sulphur oxides and heavy metals.   

Aiming to provide a networking hub for process operators, regulators and environmental managers from across the Middle East, CEM Middle East will bring industry stalwarts and eminent thought-leaders together with leading instrument and service providers to offer unparalleled insight and show off the latest technology. The conference will explore the escalating importance of emissions monitoring solutions in the region, touching on topics as varied as:  

  • Dust measurement 

  • Emission regulation 

  • Air quality networks 

  • Stack monitoring 

  • Ambient air monitoring 

  • Fence line monitoring 

  • Future monitoring challenges 

  • Marine CEMs 

  • Fugitive and diffuse emissions 

  • Greenhouse gases 

  • Hydrogen 

  • Mercury and trace metals 

  • Data handling and acquisition 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) 

A nexus of Middle Eastern commerce, culture and history, Manama’s world-class facilities provide an elegant and stimulating environment for discussing the pressing challenges confronting the region in the coming years – and with two UNESCO World Heritage sites, a thriving souq and one of the world’s largest mosques, there’s no shortage of places to explore outside of the conference hall. 

If you’re interested in exhibiting at or otherwise attending CEM Middle East, please visit: www.ilmexhibitions.com/cem-middleeast.


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