• National metrology organisation choses new organisation to provide carbon dioxide concentration measurement standard

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National metrology organisation choses new organisation to provide carbon dioxide concentration measurement standard

Jul 12 2021

E+E Elektronik has been chosen by the Austrian Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (BEV) to supply the national measurement standard (etalon) for CO2 gas concentration. This makes the renowned calibration experts the paramount metrological authority in Austria for another physical quantity having already been chosen for humidity, dew point and air velocity. As a result of this recent appointment, E+E Elektronik is therefore now sanctioned to carry out special calibrations on par with a national metrology institute for these physical quantities.

National Metrology Institutes (NMI), which in the case of Austria is the BEV, and their designated institutions are at the summit of a country's metrology echelons. As providers of stipulated national measurement standards, or etalons, they ensure the synergy between legal metrology to the internationally recognised SI system of units and thus ensure globally comparable standards.

The E+E calibration laboratory was chosen for the etalon for humidity and dew point in 2004, and for air velocity in 2011. In April 2021, the same status for CO2 gas concentration was also awarded.

Improving and maintaining metrology standards
E+E Elektronik will maintain and develop the BEV etalons conforming with current state and metrology criteria. In addition to the necessary metrological expertise and equipment, E+E will need to implement a stringent quality management system complying with EN ISO/IEC 17025. E+E Elektronik will also undergo regular monitoring audits by BEV and other, international calibration specialists.

To safeguard the uniformity and international acceptance of national etalons, E+E Elektronik collaborates with CIPM/BIPM (Comité International des Poids et Mesures and Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) as well as EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes). In addition, E+E Elektronik is present on international metrology committees for the etalons for which they have been chosen .

E+E Elektronik is now allowed to display the CIPM-MRA logo on its BEV calibration certificates. Calibration certificates from organisations that have this logo are the most widely accepted and are important resources for accredited calibration bodies because of their traceability to NMIs.

Accredited calibration laboratory
As well as providing special calibrations as a designated organisation, E+E Elektronik offers accredited measuring device calibrations for humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide levels, air velocity, air flow, temperature and pressure. E+E Elektronik is accredited as an EN ISO/IEC 17025  calibration laboratory by the Austrian National Accreditation Body and Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs. Unlike ISO or in-house calibrations accredited calibration offers the traceability of measurement data to a national standard and hence ensures international compatibility.

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