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Air Monitoring

A Passion for Innovation

Mar 08 2022

ECO PHYSICS AG offers innovative analytical solutions for measurement tasks in the fields of environment, health and process control. With our interdisciplinary research and development team we are delivering customer oriented and tailor-made products and services.

The spirit of our staff

Researchers and Engineers at ECO PHYSICS AG are aware of our clients’ individual requirements and are therefore are focusing on finding the most fitting and innovative solutions. Our interdisciplinary staff combines academical, economic and technical skills and possesses decades of experience in environmental analysis and related market forces. This enables ECO PHYSICS to fulfill the requirements of governmental regulations, which continuously demand higher sensitivities and faster response times. Since 1989 ECO PHYSICS analysers are detecting Nitrogen Oxide based gas molecules in a wide range of applications, including components such as NO, NO2, NOx, but also O3, O2 and NH3, in a fast and reliable manner with a unique precision.

We are advancing progress

The reduction of the amount of Nitrogen Oxides in our atmosphere is one of the decisive factors to achieve a reduction of the boundary layer ozone. As a result, new regulations are calling on much lower levels of emissions. You can rely on analysers from ECO PHYSICS, which provide a wide variety of instruments, measuring from 10'000 ppm (1%) down to 1 ppt (part per trillion) and all relevant concentration ranges of NO and NOx between. Background ambient measurements of air pollutants from aircraft require the most sensitive analysers available. In order to study the influences in the lower stratosphere, a sensitivity as low as a few ppt is required. The task can be compared to finding the volume of a pin head in a gym hall. The impact of air traffic and the state of the atmosphere are the driving factors for the upcoming international guidelines for the aircraft industry. For their research our customers benefit from the highly sophisticated, available instrumentation from ECO PHYSICS AG.

Modularity offers a cost benefit

The chemiluminescence technology is based on a combination of components, which are matched and optimally adapted to the individual needs of your application. Therefore, ECO PHYSICS is offering a new approach with the key being flexible configuration. Modularity allows the user to custom tailor their instrument and upgrade it as needs change.

Ease of operation

ECO PHYSICS uses a clear menu structure and simple commands to operate its newest analyser series nCLD. The Graphical User Interface operates via an integrated touch panel PC. It enables also remote access, control and diagnose functions, which also increases the simplicity of service.

The right decision

ECO PHYSICS AG established a worldwide network and is manufacturing analysers for precise, fast and reliable measurements of Nitrogen Oxide-based gas components. They are designed for applications:

Stand-alone instruments or as part of a system, let us help you to find your best possible measurement solution. For more informationa visit us on our website.

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