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New air quality reporting service

Oct 12 2022

EarthSense, recently launched its Air Quality Reporting service to provide local authorities and commercial organisations a choice of reports on their air quality data. 

The new service offers EarthSense customers standard, enhanced, or bespoke reports, enabling them to receive reports that provide the necessary level of information, whether they need precise air quality measurements or a comprehensive investigation into air quality, sources, exceedances, and more, the new service provides precisely what the customer needs.

EarthSense’s MyAir® web-based data application supplies the necessary data for the reports. As an example, example: the raw Zephyr® that takes one hour, eight hour and 24 hour mean measurements and trends, along with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) integrated meteorological data. 

Tom Hall, EarthSense’s Managing Director stated, “Understanding air quality data may be a challenging and timely task for some, such as those waiting for reports from external companies, or people who are unfamiliar with analysing measurements. With our new Air Quality Reports, we can deliver usable insights and offer specialist translation of statistics for our clients and present it in a way that provides answers to air pollution challenges.”

The reports are available on a calendar month basis, customers choose their Zephyr® monitors of interest and are provided with standard reports which summarise the data obtained from the recorded air quality measurements and ambient climatic data for those locations. The data is presented as graphical information and tabulated metrics using industry-standard formats. Standard reports give operators to knowledge about the performance of their chosen Zephyr® network, current air quality, changes in pollution concentrations and trends, compliance with regulatory limits, and an understanding on the progress of their intervention strategies. 

Enhanced Reports give users a more detailed and precise analysis of air quality data via the MyAir® web app, as well as contextual insights from the specialists from EarthSense. These reports translate pure statistical information into a comprehendible format to provide a higher level of knowledge and understanding of any air quality problems and how to solve them.

This flexible service allows customers to choose how long they would like to receive these enhanced reports; the experts at EarthSense’s will utilise the data from the Zephyr® monitors to provide a precise, analytical appraisal of air pollution, exceedances, and correlate this against environmental legislation to ensure compliance with local and international regulations. These reports also provide customers with important details, for example: possible causes of any exceedances, or useful advice on t mitigation strategies to reduce the effects of measured air pollution.

EarthSense also provide bespoke reports tailored for the customer to address a specific task or requirement. Customers can request a report based on a particular subject over a time period of their choice, for example, they can examine the links between demographics, geographical areas, and air quality exposure, or investigate how meteorological conditions affects air quality. 

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