• Advanced solutions for stack emission and ambient sampling

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Advanced solutions for stack emission and ambient sampling

Jun 13 2023

Dado lab is a quite young company, established by experienced people in sampling equipment, with the mission of innovate and evolve the instruments and solutions related to stack emission and ambient applications.
To our isokinetic sampling solutions based on the HP5 probe and ST5 sampler, well known for their advanced construction, characteristics and features.
The HP5 is the heated isokinetic probe is designed to be quickly assembled, easy to be installed on the stack port and allowing to sample isokinetically and, simultaneously be used for AMS thanks to the built-in secondary gas line. The HP5 has an advanced design, it can used both on vertical and horizontal stacks and can rotate on its axis to allow fast and easy swirl angle determination.

To increase its flexibility, the HP5 can also be connected to the HP1 gas sampling probe for FID analysers applications. The HP1 is also available with two sample outlets.

The ST5 is the core unit of the isokinetic sampling line, when we developed the ST5, we wanted to infuse both advanced technology and practical solutions oriented to easy the life of stack testers.
ST5 is a compact and light isokinetic sampler equipped with a 4.5 or 8.5 m3/h pump. The advanced electronic allow fast flowrate measure and adjustment, thanks also to the use of an orifice meter which updates the isokinetic flow every second.
The user can program the internal libraries with ducts characteristics and different Pitot constants (on five points) allowing to speed up the operations when sampling on knows stacks.
ST5 is also equipped with wireless communication which allows remote display, isokinetic calculations, nozzle evaluation and data download and transfer through our Dado lab app.
Thanks to its unique construction, ST5 is available as all-in-one or split version (ST5 Evo), which allows to leave the sampling pump down the stack and bring only the control unit on the sampling plane.

Recently, Dado lab added two new products line.

  • The DLD-2 and DLD-3 calibration gas diluters and the GD1/GD1-R gas conditioning system.
  • The DLD-2 and DLD-3 are portable, cost-effective solutions used to calibrate analysing systems using calibration and balance gas bottles, and interfering gas in case of the DLD-3.

DLD-2/3 can be equipped with a 2, 5 or 10 l/min mass flow meter to be chosen for each line to get the best combination in relation to the application.
Once the cylinder concentrations is introduced, the DLD unit calculates and provide the dilution percentage of the reference. It is also possible to act directly on the individual mass flows. Each mass flow can be calibrated according to its own metrological chain.

The GD1 and GD1-R are gas conditioning systems developed as portable or rack mounted solutions.
The portable GD1 is a light, compact but yet powerful cooling system featuring a real refrigeration system controlled through an inverter. Its unmatched cooling capability grants high level performances even in harsh conditions where temperature and humidity contents are high.

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