• New Series of Gas Analysers for Large Combustion Processes

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New Series of Gas Analysers for Large Combustion Processes

Jun 17 2010

CODEL International (UK) have recently announced the launch of the “40 Series” of emissions monitors designed primarily for use on power generation plants and processes such as cement manufacture. These innovative analysers are based on a completely new design that has enabled CODEL to produce a compact, reliable and accurate product at a very competitive price.
This advanced new analyser may be configured into a single or multi-channel mode (up to 4 gases plus temperature and pressure). The available gases are CO, CO2, SO2, H20 and HCL and each of these are obtainable alone (including gas temperature) or in a number of combinations.

The main benefit of the “40 series” is the use of an in-situ stainless steel probe within the stack, this produces a neat design that does not require the ancillaries associated with extractive analysers (chillers, heated lines, sample pumps, analyser house etc.), this significantly lowers maintenance requirements and initial and on-going costs as well. The “40 Series” meets the requirements of EN14181 QAL 3 by injecting zero and span gases at regular intervals and producing the data required for the product ion of Control charts (CUSUM, Shewhart, and EWMA).
The electronics within the temperature controlled Sensor unit have been designed using surface mount technology to create a compact footprint and for ease of maintenance. The Sensor unit has an RS 485 output to the remote control unit which can be sited along distance from it. Where operators require an output in mg/Nm3, the G-CEM 4050/80/90 can provide this at the Control unit using the onboard temperature, pressure and moisture sensors.

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