• Offshore wind capacity to quadruple by 2030 - visibility sensors and thunderstorm detectors will be vital tools to meet demand

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Offshore wind capacity to quadruple by 2030 - visibility sensors and thunderstorm detectors will be vital tools to meet demand

Jun 25 2021

The UK generates more electricity from offshore wind than any country. By 2030, the UK aims to produce 40GW of offshore wind.

To integrate clean technologies like offshore wind, the use of extra equipment on turbines that monitor visibility, warn of severe weather and lower health and safety risks must now be considered.

The importance of visibility sensors.
All wind turbine parks are equipped with aviation obstruction lights, whilst offshore parks are also required to have maritime obstruction lighting. These have been cited as causing light pollution allowing objections to wind farm development. Germany has had legislation since 2004 requiring that wind turbines be equipped with visibility sensor controlled obstruction lights. These sensors constantly monitor the local meteorological conditions and when the visibility varies, the light intensity for the warning lights is automatically adjusted. 

Biral has been the leading supplier into this sector for over 10 years, with 1000’s of sensors supplied and working across Europe. 

Detection of approaching thunderstorms.
Turbines and offshore wind farm support vessels can be prone to lightning strikes. Therefore, staff on-site need to be warned of a thunderstorm's approach to ensure both their own and the operations’ safety.

The use of reliable thunderstorm detectors and warning systems is therefore essential in maintaining a safe operating environment in these already tough working conditions. 

Biral now supplies thunderstorm detectors for use on the installation and support vessels for offshore wind turbine construction as well as being permanently installed on the transformer platforms that bring the power ashore. 

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