• Environmental Odour Measurement Just Became Automatic

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Environmental Odour Measurement Just Became Automatic

Apr 15 2008

The first commercial electronic odour measurement and dispersion modelling system is now available throughout Europe from Applied Chemicals (ACAT) (UK).
ACAT, a Viennese Technology Business, signs an agreement with Odotech of Montreal to supply their OdoWatch® system throughout Europe. OdoWatch® is an automated electronic odour monitoring and modelling system that is able to provide industrial customers with real-time information about how much odour they are producing and the impact of this upon their neighbours. Such information is invaluable in meeting the latest environmental legislation requirements and managing complaints about the site.
Many large industrial sites produce odorous emissions and these can easily bemonitored using OdoWatch®.
Thus, for the first time, rendering plants, slaughterhouses, intensive livestock farms, food processors, feed mills, landfill & composting sites, chemical works and a wide range of other industries can accurately measure their impact upon the environment and manage their business to reduce these.
An OdoWatch® system comprises a number of electronic noses (e-noses), a weather station and a Central Control Unit (CCU). Each e-nose continuously samples and analyses the air and transmits data to the CCU. At the CCU, the incoming odour and weather data are utilised by the software to display on screen the odour plume, superimposed on a map of the site and its surroundings. Any site operator or remote manager can tell at a glance what effect their plant is having locally, and do something about it if required.
Maurice Bottomley, European Sales Manager for ACAT’s Environmental Technologies business says “As far as atmospheric odour measurement is concerned, OdoWatch® is like comparing a modern closed circuit
television camera with an old fashioned stills film camera! Until now atmospheric odourmeasurement has been very labour intensive and costly, and provided only a simple snapshot of what was really happening. With
OdoWatch® the availability of continual live data brings tremendous benefits to plant managers and long suffering neighbours.”

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