• Continuous Connection Between Your Sites and Control Centre

Air Monitoring

Continuous Connection Between Your Sites and Control Centre

Apr 16 2008

Continuous air quality monitoring sites and networks can produce a lot of data and getting that data in front of people who need to see it, in the correct format, as quickly as possible, can often be a challenge.
Since automated monitoring began traditional methods involved dialling up monitoring sites using modems and bringing the data back has not seen significant change despite major advances in communications technology & the internet.
A.Q. WEB. from Air Monitors (UK) is different as it uses the latest wireless communications to create an ‘always on’ connection between your monitoring sites and a control centre. The sites transmit data at regular intervals to the control centre where it is stored. Users can access the data and connect directly to the monitors at site via fast internet communications allowing complete remote control of the
monitoring site.
The Weblogger (pictured) is located at each monitoring site. It consists of an advanced GPRS modem or ADSL / Cable router, a microprocessor and flashmemory. It is programmed to handle communication
with almost all commercially available air quality monitors and transmit them to the AQWEB control centre.
It can also manage calibrations, diagnostics and many other automated
functions normally requiring a site visit.
Acting together with the AQWEB control centre it keeps you in constant
communication with yourmonitoring site via any internet connection.
A.Q.WEB.Client software allows real time viewing of data from one site or across an entire network. Data comes to your desktop automatically and the graphs and tables update at regular intervals showing you
current air quality information at a glance.
Pollution episodes and equipment alerts are highlighted as they occur. No phone calls or operator intervention is required.

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