• ABB awarded for excellence in emissions monitoring

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ABB awarded for excellence in emissions monitoring

Dec 12 2023

This year’s Frost & Sullivan award for vision, innovation and technical expertise in emissions monitoring and methane gas leak detection has been won by ABB, in recognition of their best-in-class portfolio of intelligent instrumentation and sophisticated gas analysis technology, along with the Swiss company’s efforts in supporting industrial carbonisation.  Frost & Sullivan’s international panel of growth pipeline experts picked ABB because of its visionary grasp of future global challenges, the implementation of best practices and strategic analytics. The panel also considered ABB’s proud track in developing cutting-edge emissions monitoring technology that has moulded industry trends and supported customers in conforming to ever more strict emissions regulations across the globe.

Jean-René Roy, Global Business Line Manager of ABB Measurement & Analytics stated, “There has been a long-term commitment from ABB to the development of multiple innovative emissions monitoring and gas leak technologies that serve the broadest industry sectors worldwide. It is fantastic that Frost & Sullivan has recognised our collective achievement and leading technology through this award, and I would like to thank my team for their continued dedication to the cause.”

Carbon-intensive organisations need efficient emissions management and reduction solutions more than ever to combat the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and comply with environmental legislation. The EU has recently passed a regulation to reduce methane emissions from energy companies, in the US, legislation stipulates that oil and gas companies must measure methane emissions precisely.

ABB has an impressive array of technology that helps industries across the globe achieve fast, precise, and reliable data to enable them to take action to avoid polluting the environment, along with the legal action and negative publicity that follows. Cutting-edge hardware including the ACF5000 is the cornerstone of innovation at ABB Measurement & Analytics. ABB also offers the drone-based HoverGuard™ which is capable of measuring methane emissions down to one part per billion (ppb). ABB’s MobileGuard™ solution detects, maps, quantifies and localises natural gas leaks in a moving vehicle. ABB provided the interferometer to the Japanese GOSAT program and optical sensors to the GHGSat project to pinpoint individual industrial facilities’ carbon dioxide emissions from space. ABB’s portfolio also includes condition monitoring solutions to enable the early identification of equipment issues saving industrial plants valuable time and money.

According to Frost & Sullivan, ABB’s highly advanced, digitally enabled devices and solutions for measuring industrial processes and greenhouse gas emissions, detecting gas leaks, and optimising production achieve cost-effective compliance and efficiency on a long-term basis.

ABB’s extensive range of instrumentation and gas analysis technology also includes continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) used in a wide variety of industrial applications. ABB’s range also boasts the inclusion of ABB Ability™ Natural Gas Leak Detection Solutions, a comprehensive suite that detects and maps gas leaks with unsurpassed precision.

To achieve collective, coordinated action across the globe, the United States Department of Energy has awarded ABB a grant to develop a single repository platform that will, for the first time, aggregate, analyse, and visualise methane data from multiple sources. This project will facilitate a considerable drop in methane emissions, pollution, and waste, achieving remarkable progress in reaching climate change targets.

ABB’s technology is also being used to overcome the huge environmental catastrophe caused by millions of leaking orphan oil and gas wells across the USA; their extremely sensitive analysers, featuring state-of-the-art OA-ICOS™ laser-based technology can detect methane emissions from decommissioned wells down to one ppb.

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