• The dust monitor that makes a real impact to improve worker health

Air Monitoring

The dust monitor that makes a real impact to improve worker health

Jul 19 2018

The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor enables users to maintain safe working conditions at all times and ensures that mandated Permitted Exposure Levels (PELs) are not exceeded.

The Air XD is up to five times more accurate than comparable technologies. It’s highly accurate (to within +/- 5%) measurement technology brings lab-grade precision to a field-ready unit.

Site-specific configuration combined with highly detailed data analytics allows users to identify in real-time, the hazard from dust and other airborne particulates, giving them the opportunity to take the best preventative action to protect both people and processes.

The AIR XD utilises a next-generation Optical Particle Counter (OPC) to deliver dramatically improved accuracy and repeatability of measurement over a diverse range of Particulate Matter (PM) sizes.

With its advanced design, patented algorithm, dynamic flow, and multiple scatter angles, it delivers more valuable information than any other unit of its kind.

Its robustness in the most demanding applications is second to none, continuously providing highly accurate real-time data of dust and other airborne particulates no matter how dirty or challenging the environment.

Installation of the AIR XD could not be simpler; once mounted in position and power applied, the unit is switched on and after it has completed the system check it begins reading and logging data. The AIR XD can be quickly and easily configured during production or by approved users to suit your specific needs.

Configurable Displays

Two Channels; The AIR XD has two configurable displays allowing simultaneous monitoring of different Particulate Matter (PM) sizes or adjustable averaging periods.

Live Display; The live LED meter provides an indication of operation, showing a bar graph of the instantaneous reading.

Because the AIR XD collects data on all particulates between 0.38μm and 17.5μm, users can easily access detailed information about any PM size. The AIR XD unit allows simultaneous display of two PM sizes, selectable from PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25 (respirable), and PM10.

Use of the Trolex application software allows display of any PM size, offering advanced 3D graphing. Easily see how the composition of your dust changes over time to ensure your workforce has optimal protection.

Collating, analysing and reporting data is essential for any instrumentation. AIR XD makes this fast and easy both on device and via simple and convenient application software.

View live readings, download historic data and output detailed graphs using the AIR XD application software. Focus on areas of concern and see the detailed PM size composition.

Spot trends and gain insights on how best to protect your people, processes and the environment. Go beyond box-ticking to improve employee health, the working environment and operational efficiency.

Ease of use and reliability have been improved dramatically by removing the need for pumps or filters. No longer do units require regular maintenance to guarantee accuracy of data or continuity of operation. The AIR XDis able to run for longer in much tougher environments, giving users more confidence whilst reducing the total cost of ownership.

a1-cbiss have experienced technical specialists on hand to carry out a site survey and assess your site needs. For more nformation please visit www.a1-cbiss.com

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