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ECO PHYSICS AG offers innovative analytical solutions for measurement tasks in the fields of environment, health, emission and production process control. Since 1989 ECO PHYSICS analyzers are detecting Nitrogen Oxide based gas molecules in a wide range of applications, including components such as NO, NO2, NOX, but also O3, O2 and NH3, fast, reliable and uniquely precise. The analyzers from ECO PHYSICS provide a wide variety of instruments, measuring from 10'000 ppm (1%) down to 1 ppt (part per trillion) and all relevant concentration ranges of NO and NOx between.

They are designed for applications:

- Environmental Monitoring

- Research and development

- Process gas production and Quality assurance

- Automotive and combustion engines

- Semiconductor / Wafer production

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IET 34.2 March 2024

April 2024

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