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Lombardy Region 2001 Emission Inventory: a tool for air quality planning at different spatial scale

Oct 03 2014

Author: Stefano Caserini, Anna Fraccaroli, Anna Maria Monguzzi, Marco Moretti, Elisabetta Angelino, Giuseppe Fossati, Angelo Giudici on behalf of CEM

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The Lombardy Region (Italy) Atmospheric Emission Inventory, developed for the estimation and management of the atmospheric emissions, is illustrated.

The inventory is based on a database named INEMAR (AiR EMission INventory), developed within the framework of the Air Quality Management Plan of the Lombardy Region, and now managed by Air Sector of ARPA, Regional Environmental Protection Agency.

The INEMAR system considers emissions from different types of sources and is organized into 8 main modules (point, area, agriculture, biogenic, road transport, air traffic, tank, landfill ones) to manage all data (i.e. activity data, emission factors, surrogate variables necessary for the emissions spatial distribution) and algorithms needed for their estimation.

After the inventory for the base year 1997, INEMAR has been used for the 2001 emission inventory, that considers about 220 activities and 15 pollutants.

Emission data are available to the public at the INEMAR web site page. Emissions can be downloaded, for each of the 1546 municipalities of Lombardy, selecting pollutant, activities (classified according to SNAP ‘97 nomenclature) and fuel type.

Emissions estimates were calculated both by means of a survey of about 250 big industrial plants and by means of emission factors and methodologies proposed by EMEP-Corinair Emission Inventory Guidebook, US-EPA Chief and other Italian data. The COPERT III methodology proposed by EMEP-Corinair have been adopted for computing road transport contribution, with a detailed specification for PM10 based on other European data.

The INEMAR outcome knowledge of the overall emissions patterns at different spatial scales is an essential tool for air quality planning for regional, provincial and municipal authorities in Lombardy and represents a precious data source for other public and private environmental organizations.

The Lombardy Region, with about 9 million inhabitants, is a highly industrialized area, in pole position in the Italian productive system for productivity and range of products. Characterized by an high density of companies (20 % of the total companies of national ground), and hosting specialized industrialized districts (such as the textile called "Asse del Sempione" and the wood sector in Brianza, together with the metal, silk and knitting districts in other areas), the Region is characterized by a significant development of private transports, with a an extremely high use of the personal motorized vehicle (a regional average of 76 vehicles every 100 inhabitants, 61 of which cars, and 7 mopeds and motorcycles) (1).

The air emission inventory has been set up in the framework of the Regional Air Quality Management Plan (PRQA) by the Environmental Department of the Lombardy Region, and now it’s managed by Air Sector of ARPA, Regional Environmental Protection Agency. The inventory focuses on a region-wide investigation on air pollutants, emissions sources and critical areas’ characterization, for undertaking air quality planning and mitigation measures. After the first 1997 emission inventory (2), the new 2001 edition has been concluded in October 2003; data have been available on the INEMAR web page (3) from november 2003 for a public review.

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