Sep 13 2022

Water-i.d.® presents its latest photometer for water analysis, the PrimeLab 2.0, which is often referred to as "The Ultimate Photometer".

The PrimeLab 2.0 offers the user more than 140 flexibly selectable parameters and a sensor setup measuring 18 wavelengths in parallel, which is comparable to conventional high-end photometers in terms of high accuracy. The PrimeLab 2.0 is equipped with a 5.5'' color touch HD display as well as a Wi-Fi option to directly or via the mobile phone communicate with the free and powerful LabCOM® software, app and cloud.

In addition, a QR scan camera is included, for example, to scan reagents and to detect sampling points. The PrimeLab 2.0 also has the option of connecting electrodes via a small box ("eBOX 1.0") for pH, EC, TDS, ORP, and temperature to display these results and subsequently help to manage them. The PrimeLab 2.0 provides step-by-step instructions for all parameters on the display, including animated graphics and many languages to suit users from all over the world.

What the PrimeLab 2.0 Features:

  • More than 140 parameters
  • 18 wavelengths (410-940 nm)
  • 5.5" color/HD touch screen
  • Multi-connectivity (WIFI/USB/4G/5G/Bluetooth®)
  • Free "LabCOM®" software - app/cloud with individual accounts and full reporting system
  • Cuvettes/Adapter: 24 mm/16 mm/1 ml
  • Step-by-step instructions on the screen with animations
  • Ability to connect electrodes (pH/EC/TDS/Temp/ORP)
  • USB Type C (for charging, data transfer, and 4/5G modem)
  • Rechargeable 8400 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Turbidity (NTU), PTSA, Fluorescein built-in (90° detector)

+ Available soon: Camera (QR code scanner)

Various adapters simplify the change between 24 mm/16 mm and 1 ml cuvettes to ensure the best conditions for the different methods. Different cuvettes are needed, for example, for the determination of chlorine, COD, the quantitative and certified 1-hour legionella test or, using the built-in 90° optics, the NTU turbidity, PTSA and fluorescence. These are just a few of the more than 140 different parameters mentioned that the PrimeLab 2.0 has to offer. A rechargeable 8,400 mA Li-Io battery ensures high performance and a long operating time. Memory in the GB range allows almost unlimited storage of test results, all of which are linked to sampling points that the user can enter individually.        

Both sampling points and test results can be immediately uploaded to the free LabCOM® cloud directly or via a mobile phone if either Wi-Fi is enabled or a GSM/USB stick is used. In this way, the measurement data is available worldwide, immediately and password-protected. The free LabCOM® app/software/cloud offers the user a wide range of functions, including an admin module. This module warns of measurement results via a traffic light system, outside the permissible range, or even before measurements that were not carried out, although this would have been necessary. Such "rules" can be individually adapted to the needs of the user.

In combination with the PrimeLab 2.0, Water-i.d.® offers the COD (chemical oxygen demand) test kit as a complete solution for professional COD measurement. It includes the PrimeLab 2.0, the new Water-i.d. COD cell tests, a COD reactor and the Water-i.d. automatic pipettes. By combining the accuracy of the PrimeLab 2.0 photometer with the precise new Water-i.d. COD cell tests, the user is well-equipped with the PrimeLab 2.0 COD test kit for accurate determination of chemical oxygen demand in wastewater.

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