• Marine sensing and monitoring instruments launched at Oceanology International Exhibition


Marine sensing and monitoring instruments launched at Oceanology International Exhibition

Mar 22 2022

Valeport’s recently unveiled their new Bathy2, a highly innovative development for collecting bathymetric data, at the Oceanology International Exhibition, which recently took place in London,  in advance of its upcoming formal launch scheduled for later on in 2022.  Valeport also spotlighted four of their ground-breaking instruments which were built with ease of use and precision as their top priorities.

The Bathy2 is a new integrated sensor suite created to cater for Valeport’s customers bathymetric needs. This dependable, precise, and rugged device offers enhanced functionality ideal for specific operations of up to 6000m in depth. This instrument offers a significant upgrade on Valeport’s highly popular Midas BathyPack, as it utilises cutting-edge sensors to create sound velocity and density profiles for highly accurate depth and height measurements.  

Bathy2 provides the benefits of density corrected output directly from one instrument, with the flexibility of a third-party pressure sensor input, with Valeport’s interchangeable pressure modules which will enable operators to achieve an excellent level of precision at various depth levels.  

Valeport focused on making the Bathy2 as user-friendly as possible while adding a dedicated INS data output to enable bathymetric measurements to be reliably communicated to the end users’ operational software. Bathy2 also features flexibility for pressure options; thanks to the interchangeable pressure sensors operators can simply choose the right pressure to match the working depth to ensure the optimal level of precision and reliability.

Bathy2 was designed with surveyors who need bathymetric data from underwater vehicles, ROVs or drop structures, an optional, external pressure sensor input is available for Digiquartz references. Other important measurement parameters, such as altitude, are possible and this device can be interfaced with Valeport’s VA500, as well as other reputable manufacturers,’ altimeters. 

Data is transferred via Ethernet or RS232/RS485 interfaces while Bathy2’s interpreter function works through Valeport’s Configure software, which enables data out on extra ports in industry standard formats and for an atmospheric pressure data input.

Valeport also displayed their smart miniIPS2 underwater pressure sensor. The miniIPS offers accuracy to 0.01%, and is a cost-effective solution for vehicle operators who need precise depth data in real time. 

The miniIPS has a unique interchangeable pressure module, enabling the operator to change the pressure transducers quickly and easily whilst in the field, with no tools needed, to maximise operational specific depth requirements. 

The compact uvSVX was designed for underwater vehicles with limited space. It provides accurate salinity and density information, along with SVP as standard. It also includes field-swappable sensor heads, has a depth rating of 6000 metres and offers 0.01% accuracy.  The interchangeable pressure transducer, with integral calibration, can be changed in a matter of minutes without opening the instrument. The uvSVX is available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600bar versions.

SWiFT CTD and SWiFT CTDplus ae the recent additions to Valeport’s highly successful SWiFT profiler family. The SWiFT CTD profiler offers users enhanced precision and flexibility for users needing accurate CTD measurements. The SWiFT CTD provides survey-grade sensor technology combined with Bluetooth® wireless technology, a rechargeable battery and an integrated GPS module for geo-locating each profile. 

Valeport’s highly accurate sensor technology can be combined for multiple profiles in one drop, the SWiFT CTD includes a new rapid-response temperature probe and functions reliably down to 500m as standard. SWiFT CTD’s operational battery life of up to five days and option of charging via USB, make these profilers ideal for offshore, coastal, harbour and inland environmental and hydrographic survey use. A CTDplus version is also available with turbidity measuring capabilities. It couples CTD and turbidity measurements, while providing computed salinity, density and sound velocity.

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