• New Residual Chlorine Analyser That Likes to Talk


New Residual Chlorine Analyser That Likes to Talk

Apr 15 2008

Process Instruments (UK) have introduced an innovative Residual Chlorine Analyser that actually talks. The CRIUS 3500 is the first of its kind in the world and is already offering customers considerable
cost benefits.
The device from Process Instruments uses a GSM/GPRS modem to send texts to alert the user when it needs maintaining or calibrating. As an option
it can also come with its own autocalibrator which is perfect for difficult to reach treatment works, secondary chlorination stations or unmanned sites.
The revolutionary CRIUS 3500 uses state of the art bufferless
sensors and can act as a data collector gathering information from other less sophisticated instruments on site. It can even offer PID control as standard.
It was developed in collaboration with the University ofManchester and is the world’s first auto-calibrating residual chlorine analyser with remote communications.
Dr Craig Stracey of Process Instruments said: “The CRIUS 3500 is the first of its kind and means we are able to keep up with current problems facing the industry today, while offering operators something extra that nobody else can. With some clever electronics the team have managed to do all this with a similar or even lower price than existing
comparable quality analysers.
“We are committed to providing solutions to process water, waste, chemical, and paper industries and are completely dedicated to ensuring that our customers are happy with the products and services that we provide.”
The CRIUS 3500 likes to chat so much it comes with a TCP/IP Port, USB, Modbus and even Bluetooth. Unlike some of the competitive products on the market CRIUS only talks when it needs to and as it is a highly reliable and stable chlorine analyser the user won’t get many
texts at all.

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