• Data management platform to allow water monitoring agencies to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in near real-time


Data management platform to allow water monitoring agencies to acquire, process, model, and publish water information in near real-time

Sep 08 2021

OTT HydroMet's Aquarius data management platform is now available to the European market for the continuous monitoring of water data in near real-time. Aquarius is ideal for a variety of hydrology applications, particularly flood, groundwater, water availability, and water quality. Aquarius enables operators to control the power of data integration with a simple push of a button to turn data into knowledge.

The launch of Aquarius  follows OTT Hydromet’s recent acquisition of Aquatic Informatics to the Danaher water quality platform. Aquatic Informatics, the developpers of Aquarius, offer software solutions for essential water data management, analytics, and compliance for the world’s water industries.

Near real-time data for fast and efficieint proactive flood management and control
Quick and decisive action is needed during emergency floods and heavy rain event, Aquarius provides data that allows first responders and emergency management almost instant information, enabling them to make the correct decision when every second counts. Aquarius rapidly pulls historical information from hydrological and meteorological data to compare, visualise and proactively anticipate upcoming problems. This fast and precise data also features alerts and notifications relating to rainfall and stage, all based on customised settings. Operators can create and retrieve customised measurements to understand and react to isolated events, protect against liability, and keep all stakeholders fully informed at the mere touch of a button.

A tool to give water management personnel fast and efficient stage and dischrge data
A visual rating curve development tool compliments stream readings via OTT’s MF Pro, as well as other instruments, to make up new rating models for real-time discharge computation. A review and approval process monitors a history of rating changes and a plethora of reporting tools enable those models to be disseminated from Aquarius.  Many of the world’s premier water management agencies already trust Aquarius ratings to give them and their public punctual stage and discharge data. 

Providing water quality data with confidence
Aquarius enables operators to enhance their sensors effectiveness by centrally controlling all monitoring their network locations and integrating all data acquisition systems to keep users informed in the office and the field. Readings can be rapidly visualised, scanned, and put through the QA/QC procedure with Aquarius’ best-in-class automated error detection and correction tools. Users can also compare  raw and corrected data on a single chart to defend or retrace data with an automatic audit log. Information is easy to obtain for internal or external stakeholders as it is online and accessible anywhere with stringent permission controls for who can see what and the specified compliance parameters for quick and easy, real-time insights.

Reliable and precise data integration and alarm parameters for groundwater monitoring
Aquarius allows users to integrate disparate data sources, such as sample, time-series, and third party data, for a complete picture to make up actionable insights using all relevant information. This data enables operators ot customise user-based compliance parameters to simply visualise conditions and provide warning insights in the software or via rich email or text notifications. Making the right groundwater management decisions is quicker and easier with detailed charts, visualisation, and modelling with unprecidented industry statistics to forecast and pass on technical and non-technical data to stakeholders.

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