• CNSolution<sup>TM</sup> Cyanide Analyzer


CNSolutionTM Cyanide Analyzer

Feb 28 2008

Automated Cyanide Analysis The CNSolution Cyanide Analyzer by OI Analytical is a compact modular system for flow injection analysis of cyanide in drinking water and wastewater samples from mining, metal plating, and other industrial operations.
The modular design allows the CNSolution to be configured to analyze free cyanide, available cyanide, weak acid dissociable (WAD) cyanide,
cyanide amenable to chlorination (CATC), and total cyanide. Cyanide analysis can be performed using the analytical technique and method appropriate for a particular application and regulatory requirements.
Cyanide analysis methods employ different techniques for breaking down
metal-cyanide complexes. Older methods typically involve a preliminary 2 hour acid distillation step.
A drawback of acid distillation is that accurate determination of cyanide is not possible if sulfur-species are present in the sample. Newer methods eliminate the acid distillation step, utilizing a ligand-exchange sample pretreatment step or an in-line UV digestion step to breakdown cyanide complexes for analysis.
These non-distillation techniques allow accurate cyanide determination in the presence of sulfur-species interferences, and provide results in minutes versus hours required when a method with an acid distillation step is used.
The CNSolution measures free, available and WAD cyanide using a ligandexchange, gas diffusion separation technique with amperometric detection.
The CNSolution measures total cyanide using an in-line UV digestion, gas
diffusion separation technique with amperometric detection.
In cases where a laboratory must use a regulatory method involving acid distillation and colorimetric analysis, the CNSolution can be equipped with a photometric detector.
USEPA Method OIA-1677 and ASTM Method 6888-04 for available/WAD cyanide, and USEPA Method 335.4 and ISO-14403:2002 for total cyanide are some of the analytical methods that can be performed using the CNSolution cyanide analyzer.

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