• New Multi-parameter, Titration, BOD and COD Laboratory Instruments


New Multi-parameter, Titration, BOD and COD Laboratory Instruments

Sep 16 2011

MANTECH (Canada) a manufacturer of automated multi-parameter, titration, BOD and COD laboratory instruments. MANTECH has installed many BOD and multi-parameter systems around the world. Common, proven applications presently automated in environmental laboratories include pH, conductivity, alkalinity turbidity and colour. The current approved colour test (APHA 2120 C) specifies the reporting of true or absolute colour after filtering through a 45um filter.

MANTECH is pleased to introduce automated TRUE colour analysis with automated in-line filtering strictly following APHA 2120 C and EN ISO 7887. MANTECH’s automated Colour AssayPlusTM optimised! The automated colour is typically combined with multiple parameters including turbidity, pH, conductivity and alkalinity in either a PCTitrate or RapidDuo System. More may be added. MANTECH offers 31 different environmental parameters to select from.

Typical applications include potable waters, surface water and ground waters. The automated TRUE colour is designed to analyse samples with turbidity less than 10NTU. By including automated turbidity with the system, MANTECH software intelligence automatically screens any samples above 10NTU and will not analyse these for colour, instead flagging the sample to indicate high turbidity. This increases the amount of samples that may be analysed with a single filter.

The MANTECH TRUE Colour analysis is a simple add-on to any colour parameter add-on. Simply select this item, PCH-4000-152.The in-line filtering kit for true/absolute colour analysis with Colour AssayPlus; includes filters, tubing and connectors.

The MANTECH automated TRUE/ABSOLUTE Colour Analysis is already being used by over 25 environmental laboratories to generate TRUE colour results every day. Automated additional parameters including pH, conductivity, alkalinity and turbidity are possible all from a single sample. MANTECH multi-parameter Systems utilise MANTECH’s US EPA ETV verified TitraSip SATM. The TitraSip SATM is the only titration/multi-parameter system in the world to have been verified by the US EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program. Tried and proven, ETV verification provides environmental laboratories with the utmost confidence in their results.

With a single standard 45um filter, analysis of up to 100 samples in a single batch can be performed with easy quick disconnect fittings for changing filters between batches. Automated zero and Intelligent Rinsing ensure accurate and precise results for every sample, whilst automated calibration ensures a complete audit trail is generated. It is easy to select multiple wavelengths to measure including UV for any sample with no extra sample being required.

Add MANTECH’s new septum piercing add-on and completely eliminate sample handling. Simply place the sample bottle from the field directly onto the AutoMax sampler rack, click start and walk away. The MANTECH Automated Colour AssayPlus is a rugged, durable system generating accurate and precise TRUE Colour results that stand the test of time.

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