• Industry Experts Discuss How We Measure Water Pollution

Water Pollution Monitoring

Industry Experts Discuss How We Measure Water Pollution

Mar 27 2023

At ILM's Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) event, Jacqueline Diaz-Nieto, Ph.D. of Yorkshire Water, Rob Stevens of Proteus Instruments and Christine Colvin of The Rivers Trust explored all of the many challenges facing Britain's waterways and what's needed from the monitoring community. Click here to watch a recording of the forum.

Other topics include:

  • How does Yorkshire Water use event duration monitors (EDMs) to study combined sewer overflows (CSOs), sewers, property gulleys and rising mains? 
  • What does the future hold for wastewater monitoring for utilities?
  • How do we currently measure water quality in British waterways?
  • How might monitors using tryptophan-like fluorescence (TLF) provide solution to measurement challenges?
  • What sort of solutions to this pollution are endorsed by the Rivers Trust?
  • Is self-reporting by water companies a viable system?
  • What is the Catchment Systems Thinking Cooperative (CAST Co.)
  • Does the new Environment Act require the monitoring of the right pollutants?
  • What are the prospects of accessible, real-time pollution mapping?
  • Should the UK return to a 'polluter pays' principle?

If you're interested in attending the next WWEM in 2024, follow the link to find out more about the event: https://www.ilmexhibitions.com/wwem/

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