• India announces construction of largest desalination plant in Asia


India announces construction of largest desalination plant in Asia

Aug 31 2023

Amid the burgeoning water crisis, India has taken a monumental step to address the challenges posed by saline groundwater intrusion. With the groundbreaking announcement of building Asia's largest desalination plant, India not only attempts to mitigate its water scarcity problems but also sets a precedent for other nations to follow suit. 

Saline groundwater intrusion is a dire issue that plagues vast stretches of Asia. It renders water sources unsafe for consumption due to their high salt concentrations, and this predicament is further exacerbated by the looming shadow of climate change. As the global temperature rises, so do sea levels, leading to an even greater intrusion of saltwater into freshwater aquifers and coastal regions. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, certain Asian nations are pivoting towards desalination technologies, seeking sustainable and reliable sources of potable water. 

With a history of adopting pioneering solutions to address urban challenges, Chennai, a major Indian city, is gearing up to become the torchbearer of water security in Asia. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, MK Stalin, inaugurated the commencement of what is set to be Southeast Asia's largest desalination plant in Perur. Estimated to be worth a staggering 4,276.44 crore, the venture is generously funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). 

Slated for completion by December 2026, the Perur plant will bolster Chennai's water supply by an impressive 400 MLD. The plant will be the fourth of its kind in the city, following the successful operation of plants in Nemmeli and Minjur. But what sets the Perur plant apart is its state-of-the-art technology. As elucidated by a Metrowater engineer, the plant will harness gravity dual media filters, cutting-edge mechanisms that efficiently reduce total suspended solids and organic carbon. 

Understanding the intricacies of desalination can help appreciate the magnitude of this undertaking. The Perur plant will draw a staggering 1,052 MLD of seawater, which will undergo rigorous purification. Suspended solids will be removed through processes involving a flocculation inlet chamber, flash mixer, and lamella clarifier. To combat algae and oil presence, the dissolved air floatation system will be employed. The water will then be filtered using gravity dual media filters and further purified via reverse osmosis. Finally, essential minerals and chlorine will be added to render the water safe for public consumption. 

While Chennai is at the epicenter of this monumental shift, the implications are bound to resonate throughout the region. Upon completion, this plant is poised to benefit over 22 million individuals across various parts of Chennai and neighboring localities like Tambaram, Kovilancherry, and Vandalur, to name a few. Furthermore, the project has created avenues for collaboration, with Chennai-based VA Tech Wabag teaming up with Metito Overseas for the project's execution. This joint venture attests to the potential of international collaborations in addressing global challenges. 

India's decision to invest heavily in desalination signals its commitment to water security. While Chennai leads the way, it won't be long before other Indian cities follow its path. With the upcoming plant's capacity touted to be even more advanced than the existing ones in Nemmeli, Chennai's move is not just a testament to technological advancement but also a beacon of hope for regions grappling with water scarcity. 

In a world battling the repercussions of climate change and facing a looming water crisis, proactive measures such as these are not just commendable but necessary. India's stride towards water security serves as a clarion call for other nations to prioritize and invest in sustainable water solutions for a brighter and more resilient future. 

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