• New series of versatile and user-friendly hand-held water quality meters


New series of versatile and user-friendly hand-held water quality meters

Jul 08 2019

HORIBA has launched a series of versatile hand-held water quality meters. Called LAQUA 200, the series was developed with a variety of end-users in mind, including those working in the water and wastewater industries, environmental monitoring, agricultural, food and drink and manufacturing sectors and the demanding conditions under which the meters must frequently operate.

The series comprises 10 meters, all of which are robust, easy to use and represent great value for money. Between them, the models in the series measure water quality parameters including pH, electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and total dissolved solids (TDS). Dedicated meters are available for each parameter plus the LAQUA 200 series includes multi-parameter meters too.

Armand Uchtmann, Commercial Business Manager of Water Quality Instruments EMEA of HORIBA, comments: “For any process that requires water quality monitoring, the LAQUA 200 series provides excellent versatility, which is why it will appeal to users in so many industries. Meters in the range are ideal for many water quality monitoring situations, such as determining the acidity of a food or drink or recording dissolved oxygen levels in water for environmental studies. Above all else though, all models in the feature-rich LAQUA 200 series represent unrivalled quality and value-for-money.”

At just 216g (excluding weight of batteries), the LAQUA 200 series is highly portable and has many features that are of immense use in the field. For example, all models in the series feature a large, scratch-resistant backlit LCD screen with a white LED for easy viewing in dark locations. All models are ergonomic, lightweight and compact in design (little larger than an average smartphone) thus ensuring comfort for the user when testing for long periods of time. Meters in the series are also rugged, waterproof (rated at IP67) and have a battery capacity that supports more than 500 hours of operation.

These features combine to allow for sustained periods of operation in challenging outdoor conditions.

Data is stored in sets, where a set includes details of the unit, date and time, mode of (i.e. the measurement parameter) and the test results. Depending on the model, up to 1000 data sets can stored and, for all models, data transfer is possible through USB, and printing through RS-232.

Parameter-specific models in the LAQUA 200 series include the PH210 and PH220 meters which measure pH levels in the range of -2 to 16 and ORP over the range of ±2000mV, the EC210 and EC220, which measure conductivity up to 200mS/cm (k=1.0) as well as TDS up to 100ppt (TDS factor=0.5), resistance and salinity and the DO210 and DO220 which measure DO up to 20.00mg/L.

The LAQUA 200 series also includes the PC210, PC220, PD210 and PD220, which are multi-parameter meters and can measure two, more or all the above parameters; i.e. pH, ORP, EC, TDS, DO, resistance and salinity. All meters in the series measure temperature too across the range -30 to 13ºC.

Uchtmann concludes: “The 200 series provides the benefits of high accuracy and easy operation, all while being excellent value for money and perfect for a variety of applications.”

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