• Innovations for Water / Wastewater Measurement & Management


Innovations for Water / Wastewater Measurement & Management

Jun 07 2022

GWF is an industry leader in flow measurement technologies and solutions. Our innovations enable utilities and industries worldwide to better manage water supply networks, helping to reduce non-revenue water and optimise resources, as well as to support pollution prevention and wastewater management.

Our Acoustic Flow Technology (AFM) portfolio includes the range of Q-Eye flowmeters designed for accurate and reliable measurement of partially filled and open channel flows typically found in wastewater applications including treatment works inlets and storm overflows.
The Q-Eye PSC is an area velocity meter featuring highly accurate measurement of open channel and partially filled pipe flows using pulse-coherent cross-correlation technology. This MCERTS approved flowmeter features class leading performance combining both level and velocity measurement in a single device. The water flow is measured in up to 32 cells, ensuring velocity profiles are precisely measured. The sensor can be mounted off-centre up to 15° and will compensate for any misalignment during installation. The unique compact design helps to reduce fouling and reduce costly service visits and is available with a wide range of installation accessories. The Q-Eye transmitter comes equipped with multiple industry standard outputs including 4-20 mA, MODBUS and pulse. Each device is equipped with an on-board web server allowing connection from any standard web browser for remote set-up and parameterization using the GWF WebUI application.

Complementing our metering technology, our Waterleader services provide water experts with innovative, data driven solutions to support both strategic and tactical decision-making. GWF BALANCE uses innovative data analytics to provide deep insight into the water balance at any level of supply. GWF BALANCE satisfies reporting requirements as well as providing recommended and quantified intervention strategies that help water utilities prioritize resources more effectively to optimize operational costs, decrease leakage volume and reduce per capita consumption. GWF BALANCE is quick to deploy, requiring only a 45-minute test from a single flow and pressure monitoring location. To achieve the very best results we recommend using GWF’s world-leading, best-in-class SONICO® EDGE meter for inlet flow measurement. Find out more about GWF BALANCE here.

SONICO® EDGE is an ultrasonic flowmeter that provides unrivalled performance for measurement of filled pipes in the size range DN50…300. Incorporating GWF’s innovative 4D Technology, SONICO® EDGE has an MID approved measuring range of 1000:1, meaning we can accurately measure the lowest night flows to the highest peak flows. Our patented Time Reverse Acoustic (TRA) detection technique allows the meter to be installed without the need for any upstream or downstream straight lengths of pipe whilst retaining its high accuracy. SONICO® EDGE is the ideal flow measurement solution for applications in the water supply network, including district metering, pump stations and commercial billing. SONICO® EDGE can also be used in filled pipe applications at the treatment works, such as monitoring wash return flows, ensuring site balances are accurately assessed. Find out more here

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