• Revolutionary Maintenance Strategies with Memobase


Revolutionary Maintenance Strategies with Memobase

Oct 29 2007

Memobase is the name of the new central data and sensor management in the laboratory for Memosens sensors from Endress & Hauser (Germany).

Thanks to centralized and convenient sensor monitoring, Memobase delivers higher product quality and reduces maintenance costs. The basis for the deployment of Memobase is Memosens technology coupled with the Liquiline transmitter. This sensor technology enables data storage and digitalization of the analog measuring signal directly in the sensor. The digital data packets comprise the actual process values including temperature. They also include calibration data, adjustment data and process-related data, such as total operating hours and operating times under extreme process conditions. This means that Memosens sensors can be calibrated, adjusted, regenerated and cleaned centrally in a laboratory and not directly at the measuring point. All that needs to be done in the system is to replace the sensors onsite with calibrated sensors.

"The reproducible laboratory conditions enable a more precise calibration and therefore more accurate process management", explains
Dr. Monika Heisterkamp, head of product management at Endress & Hauser Conducta.
In addition, regular regeneration and cleaning prolong the service life, particularly of the pH sensors, by up to 40%. This concept reduces process downtime and results in longer calibration intervals due to optimized sensor maintenance. Further cost savings are achieved by virtue of the fact that the sensors can be replaced by operating staff who do not require any specialized knowledge of measurement technology.
Combined with the characteristics of Memosens technology already mentioned, Memobase supports predictive maintenance of sensors.
"Efficient data and sensor management using Memobase is an essential component of the new maintenance strategies of our customers“, according to Dr. Heisterkamp. Memobase has already been put to the test
across all industries, for example by well-known companies such as Lanxess in the chemical industry. "Here, predictive maintenance results in cost savings thanks to improved asset management", confirms the product manager. This mainly involves more accurate process control due to more precise calibration in addition to cost reductions stemming from
reduced sensor usage and more efficient staff planning.
While the sensors are calibrated centrally in a laboratory, data are recorded automatically and time-savingly. Memobase consistently records all data specific to each measuring point, including calibration/adjustment data as well as process data. In this way, the complete life cycle of the sensor is documented, from commissioning to scrapping.
Using these data, measuring systems and maintenance concepts can be analyzed and, if necessary, optimized. It is also possible to study the complete history of the measuring point. For the purpose of evaluation in Excel or SAP, the data can also be exported.

Convenient data and sensor management with Memobase CYZ41D is available immediately for Memosens pH sensors. Sensors with Memosens technology are currently available for the parameters pH (glass and ISFET), ORP, dissolved oxygen and soon also for conductivity and chlorine measurement technology.

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