• New app turns smartphones into smart measurement and calibration systems for pH, conductivity and oxygen


New app turns smartphones into smart measurement and calibration systems for pH, conductivity and oxygen

Feb 19 2024

The Memobase Pro app is a new app developed by Endress+Hauser, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Liquiline Mobile CML18 handheld meter. The synergistic combination of advanced measurement technology and mobile app functionality provides users with a digital platform for unsurpassed measuring, calibration, and documentation capabilities.

The Liquiline Mobile CML18 handheld meter, launched by Endress+Hauser three years ago, has gained widespread acclaim for its versatility in measuring pH, conductivity, oxygen, and ORP. This compact and highly practical instrument has found applications in a variety of industries, offering users the ability to conduct analyses in a range of locatons, from laboratory environments to on-site production processes.

The Memobase Pro app represents a groundbreaking advancement, facilitating the connection and simultaneous operation of two Liquiline Mobile CML18 devices via a secure Bluetooth connection. By leveraging the smartphone's display, users can seamlessly operate the handheld meter, enhancing user-friendliness and intuitiveness. Memobase Pro also provides dashboards and visualisations, enabling users to effortlessly switch between trend curves and tabular displays of measurements and associated samples.

Memobase Pro is designed for everyday use, allowing users to concentrate fully on their work during measurements and calibrations. The app remains functional even when the smartphone is in the trouser pocket, providing users with the flexibility to operate the system without constant attention. Additionally, the app can be operated directly from the handheld meter, enabling the immediate saving and documentation of measured values.

For users conducting on-site or laboratory analyses of production process samples, Memobase Pro offers a unique feature. Each sample taken can be assigned a unique ID, with additional information such as GPS coordinates, a photo, and comments attached. This feature streamlines data retrieval by allowing users to quickly access all sampling locations and their associated measured data.

The integration of the Memobase Pro app with the Liquiline Mobile CML18 handheld meter signifies a significant advancement in the field of measurement, calibration, and documentation. The enhanced user experience, coupled with the app's unique features, positions this system as a valuable tool for professionals across various industries.

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