• Intelligent dissolved oxygen analyser protects surface and tank water storage systems


Intelligent dissolved oxygen analyser protects surface and tank water storage systems

Feb 22 2024

Electro-Chemical Devices’ (ECD) S80-T80 Dissolved Oxygen Analyser is the ideal tool for municipal water engineers to measure dissolved oxygen (DO) levels thereby protecting municipal water supply storage systems and sensitive ecosystems simply, precisely and economically.

This highly user-friendly and economical analyser, with its intelligent S80 sensors and intuitive T80 transmitter, provides the perfect solution for accurate oxygen measurement.  The S80-T80 is pre-calibrated at the factory, so no special tools or installation training is necessary; it is a plug-and-play system that is ready for immediate use on delivery and developed for water engineers and technicians.

Hypoxia, or low levels of oxygen, and anoxia, or no oxygen, often occurs when algal blooms or other excess organic material are decomposed by microorganisms. When this happens the dissolved oxygen in the water is consumed, so it is essential that technicians are aware of the situation to enable them to act early and remediate crucial surface waters, often used for human consumption or leisure activities.

Low levels of oxygen is ubiquitous at the bottom of the water column, which will adversely affect sediment-dwelling organisms. DO levels can also fluctuate seasonally or even daily because of the ecology of the body of water being tested. As DO levels are lowered, sensitive fauna can suffer ill effects, die, or move away, therefore causing significant changes to the ecosystem. It is therefore essential to obtain precise DO level data – especially in surface water storage systems including lakes, reservoirs, ponds, tanks and highly sensitive applications such as fish hatcheries. A lack of knowledge about DO levels can be highly detrimental to the quality of drinking water supplies as well as wildlife.

By connecting the S80’s sensor to the ECD versatile T80 Transmitter, the sensor’s information is uploaded to the analyser, before configuring the displays and outputs of the transmitter to the values appropriate to the DO sensor’s measurement parameters. The S80-T80 measures DO levels from 0 to 20 ppm (mg/L) at 250% saturation. They work effectively over a pressure range of 0 to 50 psig and at temperatures ranging from -5 to 80°C.

The standard S80 are encased in 316 stainless steel housing, ECD also offer a variety of alternative housings to suit various applications and ensure optimal operational capability and economy. They are available in a choice of insertion or valve retractable configurations for a quick disconnection and replacement of sensor cartridges.

ECD’s T80 Transmitters are available as single channel or dual channel devices. This transmitter comes in a 24 VDC or a 100/240 VAC power configuration. All versions are available with optional HART® output. The line powered T80s have one 4-20 mA output per channel and a MODBUS RTU. Other options include a three-alarm relay package configurable as alarm (set point) relays, timer activated relays or fault relays.

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