• All-in-one Rugged Datalogger Family is Ideal for Diverse Water Monitoring Needs


All-in-one Rugged Datalogger Family is Ideal for Diverse Water Monitoring Needs

Apr 09 2008

The Level TROLL® family of water level, pressure, and temperature monitoring instruments has been introduced to the UK by Camlab of Cambridge to address a wide range of water industry applications
including aquifer characterisation, longterm water monitoring and resource management.
Each Level TROLL® instrument model is designed to contain everything needed for monitoring level, pressure, and temperature in a single monitoring device.
There are three data logging instruments to select from (Level TROLL 700, 500 or 300) and all are manufactured by In-Situ Inc. for accuracy, durability, and ease of operation.
The Level TROLL® family of rugged instruments has been specifically developed to address various aquifer characterisation requirements including: slug testing, pumping testing at constant rates (yield
testing) and step test pumping testing.
The Level TROLL® instruments are also equipped to meet the needs of water professionals spanning a wide range of harsh applications including long-term ground water monitoring, lake and reservoir
monitoring, flood and storm surge monitoring, storm water runoff monitoring, estuary level and tide monitoring, river and stream assessment as well as wetlands monitoring.
The Level TROLL® is only 18.3mm in diameter and completely self-contained.
The instrument includes level/pressure and temperature sensors, real-time clock, microprocessor, sealed lithium battery, and up to 4MB data-storage memory (350,000 data records). Body options include a choice of pressure ranges, absolute or gauged pressure sensor, and feature sets.
Re-programming parameters for new applications can be completed in minutes using the Wizard-based routines in the simple, intuitive Win-Situâ„¢ software.
The Level TROLL® instrument family’s UK distributor is Camlab, which has become a UKmarket leader inWater Testing sector, and is one of the UK's leading scientific suppliers, with 50 years' experience in the laboratory market place.

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