• Blue I Water Technologies Brings a New Level of Precision to Municipal Water Quality Control


Blue I Water Technologies Brings a New Level of Precision to Municipal Water Quality Control

Apr 15 2008

Blue I Water Technologies (Israel) introduces a new level of precision to meet the complex needs of municipal water management.
Municipalities face a multitude of complex issues regarding water quality.
Among their responsibilities are: (1) provision of high quality potable water, while maintaining a balance between health standards and taste; (2) treatment of sewage water according to stringent standards related to both health and environmental needs; (3) deployment of reliable, low-maintenance analyzers at critical points in the water supply chain; (4) maintenance of effective real-time systems of alerts regarding problems in water quality.
Among its many contributions to the field of water quality control, the company has pioneered a new method of implementing colorimetric chlorine measurement that is exceptionally dependable - operating in even the most difficult conditions, such as sea water - while being simple to maintain over long periods of time.
As the best solution on the market today, the extremely accurate HydroGuard 702 analyzer functions in the most difficult conditions, including high turbidity, sea water, and sewage water. Up to eight configurable parameters can be selected: free chlorine, total chlorine, conductivity, turbidity, pH, ORP,., and flow rate. The system- which also enables the testing of end-user water quality - is exceptionally simple to install, begins to work immediately, and continues to work reliably over long periods of time without the need for special maintenance. Automatic re-calibration before each measurement enables the system to ignore potential disturbances in the water that could affect measurements.
The entire system, including electrodes, is protected against water shut-off, and automatically resumes operation immediately. The advanced, self-cleaning mechanical structure - plus high quality pumps and tubes - prevents clogging. Reagent consumption is very low, and replacement is fast and simple. An easily installed wireless communication network enables the ongoing, real-time receipt of alerts and information from the field - via the Internet, or to landline or mobile phones - providing a cost-effective, automatic remote management system.
Blue I’s, cost-effective solutions significantly lower operational expenses. Leveraging the company’s technological superiority, the sophisticated, modular products analyze multiple parameters in one platform, providing a unique level of flexibility that enables major system alterations to be accomplished via simple component exchanges.

Noteworthy Current Projects include:
Paris Eastern Suburbs, France
Blue I Water Technologies have installed water quality analysis and control systems for the eastern suburbs of Paris, subsequent to successful tests that were conducted over a two-year period in cooperation with leading French company, Veolia. Blue I supplied
measurements of free chlorine and total chlorine via a single system. The testing of Blue I’s system was performed simultaneously with the device of another supplier's product that had provided services to the city over a long period of time. Results of the tests showed that Blue I’s device was more precise, required significantly less maintenance, wasmore reliable over time, and required no staff intervention during measurements. The system is also capable of measuring the appearance of ammonia peak in the water source through combined chlorine, together with the measurement of total chlorine and free chlorine. All these advantages were provided at a lower cost than the system previously used
by the city.

Mekorot, Israel National Water Company
Blue I Water Technologies won a tender for a Mekorot project, in which it competed with several leading global competitors. The testing of the companies’ systems lasted about 2 years, conducted at 3 Mekorot sites in Israel, with water from various sources, including effluent water. Blue I was awarded a contract for the supply of about 200 HydroGuard 702
units, based on the following: (1) the ability to provide a comprehensive answer to specific problems, as requested by Mekorot’s engineers; (2) the high quality and reliability of its systems; and (3) the maintenance costs over a 5-year period.

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