• Does Your Odour Control Suffer Foul Complaints?


Does Your Odour Control Suffer Foul Complaints?

Dec 02 2020

The UK's sewer system delivers millions of litres of water each day to homes and businesses and removes wastewater to process at treatment plants.

Wastewater contains grease, food wastes plus ordinary sewage. Rapidly decaying wastes plus ordinary sewage coupled with low flow, contributes to an environment for heavy production of liquid sulphides and the perfect recipe for the release of extremely high levels of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) which reduces air quality.

The outcome of non-treatment is a notorious strong, foul egg-like odour that causes significant odour complaints with neighbouring populations.

Research studies have suggested that H2S odour emissions could cause serious health issues to the most vulnerable, particularly affecting children, the elderly and those who suffer with respiratory illnesses such as COPD or asthma.  

The OdaLog® Solution

To determine the extent of the potential odour problems, baseline measurements are required to be taken within the sewer. This can be done by using the OdaLog L2 H2S datalogger which has been specifically designed for use in these rancid wastewater applications.

The OdaLog® is designed to be corrosion-resistant, robust and able to log data for extended periods of time.

Following the initial tests, a controlled chemical dosing system can be setup to deliver chemicals directly into the sewer to control levels of H2S. The OdaLog L2 dataloggers using a long-life sensor remain in place for up to a month, regularly recording the H2S data readings to accurately calculate how much chemical is required for the dosing process.

As H2S levels reduce, the product used in chemical dosing is reduced too to effectively save costs. As H2S levels reach levels of less than 10ppm, odour complaints can be reduced thus keeping the neighbours happy.

Making Odour Monitoring Safer

With intrinsically safe data logging, there is an Odalog® solution to meet any Hydrogen Sulphide odour problem.

Now with Bluetooth

Now the OdaLog has Bluetooth capability, you can conveniently position your laptop within the Bluetooth range and easily download the data logs from the OdaLog.

This reduces time spent and safety risks of entering the manhole retrieving the Odalog to check the data records.

The OdaLog is popular amongst many of the UK’s water companies and independent environmental consultants.

The OdaLog is available from a1-cbiss, the UK and Ireland master distributor. Buy online or speak to our technical sales team for advice.

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