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pH – it’s not just about the probe...

Dec 05 2023

Accurate, reliable pH measurements begin with selection of the right probe, but careful consideration must also be given to calibration and maintenance equipment and procedures. Laboratory, field or process – click here for helpful tips and advice on pH measurement success…

pH is probably the most commonly measured parameter in field, lab and online water analysis. It may also be one of the most underestimated analytical challenges with regular calibration, cleaning, and maintenance sometimes being out of focus during busy workdays. With a pH measurement solution for every application, Hach® provides a wide range of pH meters, electrodes, buffer solutions, maintenance and repair services, training programs and support tools.

Process pH probes

Calibration and cleaning of process pH probes can be challenging but becomes much easier with the Clean & Cal flow-thru assembly. This innovative device allows for the cleaning and calibration of Hach pH and ORP process probes without having to remove them from the sample stream, or manually transporting the cleaning tools and solutions. The mounting comes with an LED light, transparent body and a large magnification lens for clear visibility of the sensor head, so that fouling or scaling can be detected early. Refillable solution containers are mounted above the sensor and can be used for the required buffer solutions, DI water, and a cleaning solution. Quick-connect fittings ensure easy connection/ disconnection once the containers need to be refilled.

Field and lab meters

Rugged Intellical outdoor probes and portable HQ meters are the ideal companions for water monitoring in the field. Thanks to smart digital sensor technology, cable lengths of up to 30 meters are feasible while a stainless steel body protects the electrode and ensures sufficient weight. The same single or multi parameter instruments can of course also be used in the laboratory where they connect to electrodes for water and product quality measurements. In order to eliminate error sources and reduce setup time, both portable and benchtop HQ meters automatically read the calibration data, parameter and settings when connected to an Intellical probe.

Buffer solutions

At Hach’s accredited* production site in Berlin, Germany, a team of highly skilled personnel manufactures buffer solutions for routine and special applications. Some laboratories, for example in the pharmaceutical industry, require full traceability to certified reference materials. The portfolio of these certified calibration solutions includes certified pH buffer solutions according to IUPAC (DIN 19266), as well as the certified conductivity standards according to OIML (Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale). Each standard has its own Certificate of Conformity and Traceability, and thanks to special packaging, the guaranteed shelf life is two years.

*Accredited as registered Reference Material Producer according to DIN EN ISO 17034:2017 (D-RM-15184-01-00) and registered as Calibration Laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 (D-K-15184-01-00).

Maintenance service

Hach Service Partnerships help users meet the requirements of good laboratory practice by providing fully documented preventative maintenance and calibration service. Depending on the selected partnership option, these procedures (which can also include repairs) are either undertaken on-site or at the nearest Hach Service Center.

Click here to download a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance guide for pH probes.

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