• Environmental sample extraction - improve quality and throughput

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Environmental sample extraction - improve quality and throughput

Jan 16 2024

Prior to analysis, the extraction of environmental samples such as soils require solvent extraction. As a rule, long-winded methods that require the use of extensive volumes of solvents are applied for the extraction of contaminants such as PCBs, PAHs and semi-volatile organic compounds. Microwave Assisted Extraction (MAE) is a contemporary method, which has sped up the process considerably and reduced the volumes of solvents necessary, operating at higher pressures and temperatures.

Analytix supplies the UK and Ireland with Milestone’s highly advanced Ethos X microwave extraction system, which has enabled end users to extract organic target compounds from soils at temperatures of 100-115 °C and pressures of 50-150 psi. The Ethos X can process up to 24 samples and 30 grammes of sample per vessel simultaneously which improves the limit of quantitation (LOQ) for analysis significantly. The system can therefore extract over 200 samples within an 8-hour shift without the need to overcome issues of memory effects or contamination; thanks to the use of disposable glass vials there is no need for time-consuming cleaning either.

Handling the samples is a simple process; the sample is weight into the vial directly, then the operator adds hexane/acetone or dichloromethane/acetone (1-1) before loading the vessel into the 24 positions, contact temperature controlled FastEx rotor. Within 10- 20 minutes of microwaving, the sample is ready to be filtered and then undergo GC or GC-MS analysis.

Thanks to the disposable glass vials, the faster extraction times and the reduction in solvent use, the Ethos X provides operators with a unique, yet dependable way to extract contaminants from soils with level of economy and simplicity that is unsurpassed.

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