• Enhanced sensitivity for river monitoring for compliance with the UK’s Environment Act 2021

River Water monitoring

Enhanced sensitivity for river monitoring for compliance with the UK’s Environment Act 2021

Jul 25 2023

Compliance with the UK’s Environment Act 2021 will in many cases prompt demand for multiparameter sondes such as OTT Hydromet’s versatile Hydrolab HL7,  but in some situations where greater sensitivity is required, for example in cleaner rivers and/or where a cluster of discharges are being monitored together to create economies of scale, the use of single parameter instruments may be preferable. According to Richard Addison, from HACH, “Our analysers are deployed in rivers and for wastewater and drinking water monitoring, In all these situations, HACH analysers are able to deliver high levels of sensitivity, accuracy and reliability. The provision of mains power for analysers may present a challenge in some locations. Nevertheless, the ammonia analyser, for example, can be provided as a dual stream instrument allowing the same analyser to be deployed for both upstream and downstream monitoring.”

The Amtax SC digital on-site ammonium analyser, from HACH, provides an exceptional level of precision and requires minimal operator intervention thanks to its automatic cleaning, calibration and self-diagnosis functions. Amtax sc instruments offer the perfect solution for installation outside or mounted in a kiosk and offer easy access for reagents and servicing. Amtax could be used in conjunction with HACH’s Solitax sc probe for turbidity, using the infrared duo scattered light method. Solitax sc provides a unique colour-independent measurement of solids and is an ideal device for monitoring for pollutants in river water. In addition, HACH’s pH probes could be used; they offer excellent pH sensor performance using the differential electrode measurement technique. Hach’s LDO2 probes offer precise and reliable dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements utilising luminescent technology. This optical probe has no need for replacement membranes and electrolyte solutions, making it almost maintenance-free.

HACH instruments are deployed in hundreds of locations across the UK and are renowned worldwide for their reliability and high level of accuracy in the analysis of water quality. For river monitoring applications, these instruments, and the prefilter for the Amtax SC, can be installed in a sampling trough with all instruments mounted in a kiosk, complete with a suction pump to supply river water from the chosen sampling location. All HACH instruments and associated controllers feature Prognosys, a predictive diagnostic system that alerts operators to any upcoming, potential problems with the instrument.

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