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Next generation of digital and analogue gas sensors

Jul 22 2021

Shawcity have introduced the new City Technology slim profile intelligent digital iseries sensors as well as the iseries analogue gas sensors to the EMEA market. The new sensors are over 60% slimmer than the City Technology 4 Series range, performance in zones of extreme temperature and humidity has been enhanced and the operational lifespan expanded to 5 years. As City Technology’s EMEA strategic channel partners, Shawcity have some exciting additions to their product portfolio: 

Intelligent digital gas sensors
The versatile iseries gives OEMs and end-users alike a dependable, pre-calibrated, digital gas sensor offering simple integration into new instrumentation. These compact sensors feature an integral OEM lock-code to avoid unauthorised third-party sensor replacement. The iseries sensors, which have been designed to conform to multiple performance standards are ATEX and IEC Ex Certified - EN IEC 60079-0 and EN IEC 60079-11.

These interchangeable intelligent sensors are digitally traceable and therefore easily identifiable. Operators also enjoy the benefits of self-predicting calibration and end of life and fault indication 

The ease of integration, combined with pre-calibration, provides a significant benefit to OEMs and users in terms of integrating these sensors into new instruments. In-built OEM lock code can be used to prevent unauthorized third-party replacement of sensors in the field. With improved performance, iseries sensors are ideal for use in wide range of applications and climatic conditions.

Digital gas sensors now available - Electrochemical: CO, H2S, SO2 and O2 Pellistor: LEL

Digital gas sensors anticipated in Q4 2021 - Electrochemical: NO, NO2, O3, Cl2, H2S (extended operating range), LEL (IR).

Digital gas sensors anticipated in Q2 2022 - Electrochemical: H2, NH3, dual CO/H2S, dual CO/H2 and H2S: extended operating range.

New gas sensor evaluation kit
To compliment the newly launched iseries gas sensors, City Technology have also introduced the iseries gas sensor evaluation kit. Shawcity’s customers can now enjoy quick and easy sensor evaluation. The sensor evaluation process is simplified as there is no longer the need for operators to write codes. A command set window enables the operator to visualise packets of data being transferred, shortening significantly the development process. This useful accessory simulates different sensors’ responses and their response to gases without the necessityto having the physical sensor.

Slime profile analogue sensors
Shawcity are now also offering the slim profile 1series analogue gas sensor range to the EMEA region. Sensors have been traditionally fitted within instruments but,  the 1series low-profile design features sensors that have turrets to mount into the front of the instrument required. This useful feature minimises instrument height and facilitates the sensors’ access to gas. These sensors offer a high level of performance and 5 years of operation, spring contacts enable surface mounting.  

1series sensors conform to a wide array of performance standards, including BS EN 45544-1:2015 and BS EN 50104:2010. Initially there will be models for CO, H2S, O2, SO2, LEL (combustible gases), followed shortly after by NO, NO2, O3, Cl2, LEL.

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